Kim Kardashian Bikinis in Miami Beach (PHOTOS)

If you've got it, flaunt it.

Kim Kardashian looked sexier than ever as she showed off her famous curves in two daring, skimpy bikinis while vacationing in Miami. First, the reality star soaked up the sun poolside at her friend Loren Ridinger's mansion in Miami. She rocked a black bikini and was all smiles as she went for a quick dip.

Kim, who was rumored to be in town scouting for a new Dash location, still made time to hit the beach, too. Meeting up with her BFF Jonathan Cheban, Kim donned a revealing purple bikini, as they walked along the surf.

While out and about, the duo encountered some adoring fans, who screamed to her as she passed by.

Check out more of Kim's sexiest bikini moments below.



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  • j0eschm0e

    her butt is huge. it would look lots better if she ran the tread mill every other day. fat is not pretty. and what this stuff about implants? if she has butt implants then thats just gross

  • Aldo

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  • lanalane

    wheeeew.... Respect each other's opinion.... She was blessed for having a good life than us.... she can do whatever she wants... that's her life...

  • Katey Washington
    Katey Washington

    Actually, there are x-ray's to prove there are no implants in her behind. Perhaps you should actually pay attention to pop culture before you comment on it.

  • Katey Washington
    Katey Washington

    See, I look at pics like this and the stupid off-the-wall comments Kris made ON CAMERA (like a fool) just piss me off even more. Kim is absolutely stunning and absolutely perfect in every way!! The Kardashian sisters are all beautiful. Keep doing you Kim!!! You're hot and don't ever let any man tell you otherwise!!

  • Kelly Thomas
    Kelly Thomas


  • Anon Young Woman
    Anon Young Woman

    Why do women hate on other women's bodies so much? It's got to f**** stop.

  • Trish

    It's that she keeps lying about it to her fans.

  • Gary Schweer
    Gary Schweer

    Kim Kardashian is beautiful and sexy and is a shrewd business woman - or maybe her Mother is, but together they've been very succdessful. Kim maybe the sexiest woman in the world. The eyes, the lips, the hair and then there's that body...built for the berdroom. Love her!

  • Mousa Ershad
    Mousa Ershad


  • lacream

    And may I aDd dis I really don't gv a rat ass if its fake or real

  • lacream

    And may I aDd dis I really don't gv a rat ass if its fake

  • lacream

    Can I get this straight is it so unbelievable for a woman's butt to be pronounce and curvy without the aid of surgery. Haters should be hung .and as for u winda you a fool how is her boobs suppose to be the same as it was when she was 18 ever heared of the world growth. Dammit ppl put your hate where your talent is. And maybe someday you'll be fortunate to have a hater too. Dicks and biaatches

  • lacream

    Hcn what the fuck is wrong wf u? Jealous muafucka

  • Giselle

    am sure she is a way better than your looks...:-)

  • Giselle

    All I can say is she can afford!!! Yeah! :-)

  • Giselle

    They hate it coz they're insecure. I dont get the fact that people hate Kim and still say shitty things about her. So what if She had a butt job?

  • Giselle

    I had butt obviously she had it done too...

  • Caleb


  • Adrian Charles Steele
    Adrian Charles Steele

    If that was walking toward me, I would be rubber-necking all the way down the beach!! (maybe not with the missus, though!) If people have nothing good to say, why bother posting at all? I don't get it. Stunning.

  • tav

    is everyone on here hating on kim a size 2? shes a curvy thick girl that gives other curvy girls out there confidence

  • justaguy

    I personally find Kim's ass to be disgusting, fat, saggy, gross, nasty,......I could go on, but I think you get the point.

  • Angel Tyler
    Angel Tyler

    Real women have curves. Kim looks amazing!

  • limpd

    Uh, not a fan of her juicey butt, however, compared to the skinny girls, I like the more round look. Never realized how nasty skinniness is in a bikini. That being said, who wears full face paint to the pool? Really Kim?

  • tesie

    better believe it now

  • tesie

    jonathan is ur really husband kim he loves u to death

  • Stephanie Jonathan
    Stephanie Jonathan

    quite! must have offended u there, sorry about that

  • Gabi

    you are absolutely unique.with this big ASSSSS

  • Ella

    Tia, i wrote the whole paragraph because i saw how erica was just being plain rude to strangers all over 'kim kardashian' i actually watch all the kardashian shows and love the family, especially khloe, kourt and kylie so i'm hardly a 'hater' i never said i even was! i was just making a point in how, kim is completely fake, she just doesn't want to admit it and people should stop sticking up for her so violently because she really doesn't care about you!

  • Billy

    Nice to see a classic beauty, face of a princess, that is not afraid to have a real Woman's body, like Raquel Welch, or Jane Mansfield. Way too many try to be sticks today.

  • slums

    so beautiful, good ass

  • Camisha Douglas
    Camisha Douglas

    yall are a bunch of HATERS get off kims ass..literally.lmao

  • Wreaths Galore
    Wreaths Galore

    Sick of this family. Are media being paid to constantly show her in bikinis? Wish they would stop panhandling her and family....It is over.

  • Manny

    Voluptuous women like Kim are amazing and slim women like Kristen are to even though Most men prefer women like Kim if you have something negative to say about Kim its obvious there is some jealousy towards her she may be a slut but she is a sexy one so just leave her sexy ass alone and head to the gym lol

  • Chiedu

    i think her butt's hungry... cause its eating her bottoms ^_^

  • Winda

    OMG you ar so damn right I agree with you! Just look at the firs season of kuwtk she looks sooooooo different + like Yanna and Lis said before on this page, It's just liposuction, her ass is all fat that first was in her tummy + her hair line looks zo different + her breast OMG I saw a photo of her when she was like 18 or something? It was like she had a A cup. And now she has a E??? And in all interviews she said that she had a C since she was 13??? Look at Khloe, she has more fat than Kim but she has a C. How can Kim naturally have a E cup? People just need to think. That botox made her face so fake. And all the money she spends on jewels is just crazy. People are hungry and she is buying for every red carpet diamonds. She had done every thing to be famous, now she got it and she loves it. And for the die hard KK lovers, I'm not a hater! I just want to give ya'll a advice: First love your familie, then love this familie.

  • boohoo

    Kristen is fucking SEXAYYYYY :)

  • Tia

    She didn't look ugly in the first season. She also admitted to getting plastic surgery. The only hater here is you. You wrote a whole paragraph about someone you don't like. The only one that needs to get a life is you honey. If you hate her so much, then why are you commenting?

  • me.

    nothing. i'm short too. her legs just seem a little stubby, no offense to her, because she's worked hard to look like she does n all

  • me2

    whats wrong with short? not everyone is 5'9" ... i love her because she is shorter than your average celebrity...nice to have some diversity in the celebrity world

  • Beth

    and in a magazine they say she gain 15 pounds to me she looks great and she doesnt look sad at alll

  • Ella

    Erica, kim doesn't give a shit about you. she probably doesn't even know you exist, so why are you abusing so many people who you don't know on here and calling them a 'hater'? it's pathetic and sad! and yeah, kim will look better because she earns money by pointless things like sitting in expensive hotels and moaning. she can afford to look perfect. have you seen her in the first series of kuwtk? she looks completely different and UGLY. she's had so much done, her ass, her nose and with the botox it's ridiculous. and actually, if you look at photos of kim with a short dress on and these photos, her thighs are clearly so much thinner and her stomach is alot more defined! and she's had liposuction, they took fat from her stomach and put it in her bum, so on an x ray it wouldn't show up. even the guy who was doing it said 'this is all fat'. so instead of calling other people 'haters' (which is really, really sad.) go get a life and stop defending someone who doesn't give two shits about you!

  • BossLady

    For the love of God, KK do something substantial with your existence. Her and whitney shouldn't even be discussed on the same page. One's known for helping others and being very talented, the other holds wanting peoples love through a tv show --as a talent and came to fame spreading her legs? 6 years in her gimmicks are still recognized?

  • me.

    @sandra everyones a critic. she has a right to express her own opinion.. as do you.. but youre no better than anyone else on here hating on kim k because youre hating on themmm js

  • me.

    her legs are a little short.. she's got a great bod though..

  • mar

    You are so right!

  • Kesha

    Wait a sec... are the brazilian but implants made of fatt? Well then nobody can see the implants on a X-ray!!!! Don't ya'll think?

  • Lis

    I agree, look at the tummy + her ex said that she had done liposuction.

  • Lis

    Ok seriously, why is she a hater? You don't even know that.

  • No

    Her "curves" aren't real so you can choose how narrow you are. Look at her before and after she had a very flat narrow behind

  • annie

    noha its righ!! she has fat en her ass... that is called brazilian's ass.. its the most popular cirurgy in brasil...

  • KFR

    I totally agree twilight_lover :) Kristen is way more cute than Kim. Its because Kristen is a NATURAL BEAUTY :D

  • Tia

    Why you mad though? Cause she's cute and you're not?

  • Guest

    She's a COW....she needs to just go away. Her 15 min. are up!

  • twilight_lover

    if kristen she is skinny doesn't mean she can't be like a woman! and btw kristen and kim are totally different from each other as i said before so why compare them together?! what a fucked up mentality!

  • kylie

    hmmm maybe after ten years and she is Kims age then she will get work done. Kristen is a small boy. literally. Kim is woman

  • Denyce Eldridge-khoury
    Denyce Eldridge-khoury

    Kim is perfect - narrower would take away -

  • leicester girl
    leicester girl

    i think kim is great but then i think so are all her sisters, i always watch them and they always make me laugh!! they love there family just like i love my family and they are very giving people xx

  • tunde

    There's nothing bad in her shape.

  • tunde

    Stop insulting her

  • glinda fox willis
    glinda fox willis

    Leave her alone - she is beautiful!!!!!! Middle age creeps up on us so fast let her enjoy her youth and beauty without idiot comments!

  • Dino James Flores
    Dino James Flores

    She is gorgeous as ever. I love how some people make make rude comments and even have the nerve to say that they don't like her body or whatever..... Well, just one question; Why are you viewing her pictures then? Haters kill me with the negative comments about Kim. She is so pretty, she is so successful in several areas of business and yet you don't find her in the headlines for drugs, alcohol, or some other crazy illegal garbage. Keep up the good work Kim.

  • Erica Castillo
    Erica Castillo

    learn how to spell HATER

  • Erica Castillo
    Erica Castillo

    Daliyah u look like big bird go do something with ur hair

  • Erica Castillo
    Erica Castillo

    wow Daliyah ur a HATER!!!!!!!! KIM WILL ALWAYS LOOK BETTER THAN U

  • Tina

    She is gorgeous. Go comb your hair. It's looking rough.

  • Sandra

    Diane, Kim is prettier than you.

  • Sandra

    Do men find you attractive?

  • Kim Kardashian
    Kim Kardashian

    Thankyou xxx

  • Nadiaa Gatorr Castro
    Nadiaa Gatorr Castro

    Wow. Alllooootttt Of Haterss... Kim Kardashian is A Beautiful Person.. No Photoshop.. no liposuction.. How are yall qoinq to hate on a person who yall dont even kno ? Get over yall selves.

  • Matt Spielberg
    Matt Spielberg


  • Kandy Shop
    Kandy Shop

    hey Kim you look gorgeous, come try out our unique gorgeous bikinis at affortable prices. we also do custom the way you like them. CHEETAH yup we have it i know you love that print.

  • Yanna

    No, I think liposuction: Tummy fat in the butt.

  • eddie0

    I'd pound on it for a couple of hours ... wouldn't take this HO home to mama though ..

  • Diane Rowan-Chan
    Diane Rowan-Chan

    her ass is disgusting.

  • hulagirl05

    she does give back. what have you done? she primarily raises money for the dream foundation and supports other charities from the American Foundation for AIDS Research Diamond Empowerment Fund Dream Foundation Generation Rescue I Heart My Girlfriends Mattel Children's Hospital Nancy Davis Foundation for Multiple Sclerosis Operation Once in a Lifetime Skin Cancer Foundation Soles4Souls The Salvation Army True Colors Fund We Advance and goes to church quite frequently with her family. you guys love to bully this woman based off of what? because she's a socialite? she's not the first or the last so why focus you're energy on her? L-O-S-E-R

  • Daliyah Aban
    Daliyah Aban


  • Daliyah Aban
    Daliyah Aban

    OMG her face!! It looks so fake! WTF she used to be pretty! Stomatch is soo photoshoped!

  • Daliyah Aban
    Daliyah Aban

    She looks crazy! Look at her fake face!!! This photo is photoshoped btw all her bikini beach pics are photoshoped! They made her butt smoother and thighs smoother!

  • Fapster


  • Fapster

    I fapped to it

  • twilight_lover

    haha i do not have kristen's figure! and who mentioned kristen? why did she end up here? i mean she is a very beautiful girl but she has nothin to do with kim! the difference is this fat bitch is all botox and implants blah blah blah and kristen is a natural beauty with no fake stuff and nasal voice like kimmy

  • lii

    where the F it's not proportional?? Just jealous

  • Stephanie Jonathan
    Stephanie Jonathan

    do men honestly find that attractive? :/

  • kylie

    whatever twilight lover, u can go and be like kristen all skinny pale bean pole. coz that is SO sexy to have boy figure

  • twilight_lover

    now that is not sexy! that is called a fat ass sorry but true-my opinion

  • muksam

    hi kim what a figure u have?

  • Jay

    Say what you want about Kim and the family, but she is smokin' hot. Must be slipping though, settling for a skinny white dude.

  • rechard

    yah wat a fuck

  • missunderstood

    Jonathan is one lucky guy! He be checking her out! Yeah buddy :-)

  • khloesmash

    Good photo angles. You can't see her back hair.

  • Jim Davis
    Jim Davis

    And that body has had plenty of banging going on. Nothing like placing the skeletons in your closet up on video for the world to see. Considering that is about the only way she can actually earn money (and not have Daddy's handed to her) she is nothing more than a porn star, and not a very good one at that...

  • S

    Whatever you might think about her, you gotta admit she has a banging body!

  • playboy

    hi darlin u r looking so sexy and v good figure and iwant to friendship through the skype ( please snd me request

  • Lix

    you cant choose how curvy your body is. Idiot

  • james

    shes the best thing that exists on this earth

  • felipemnz


  • hcn

    I think she would be much prettier if she didn't have so many curves. Some curves are nice, but too much can look kinda weird. She is a small girl and she would look good if she was a bit more narrow.

  • felipemnz


  • hihu

    I don't like her body, it's not proportional

  • Devany

    Faaaab !

  • Devany

    Beautifuuuuul !

  • wess

    Jonathan Cheban is gay.

  • Noah

    She definitely has butt implants. Good work.

  • danielladash

    u really do look foolish writing comments like that. saggy and disgusting-dunno whose bum ur lookin at!

  • justaguy

    I'll admit that she is very pretty and has an amazing rack but I will never understand everyone's infatuation with her butt. It is in extremely fat and saggy and disgusting... what do people find so sexy about it??

  • Charles Madon
    Charles Madon

    She might look ok. But shes still another self centered socialite. I like to see her give back instead of trying to get everything in life for free.

  • Shazam

    That's a nice steak.

  • Yanna

    deff liposuction

  • emlee

    She looks awesome! This is how I love her, single and sexy. Go Kim!