Readers Respond: What Do You Think of Rihanna and Chris Brown Collaborating?

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Rihanna and Chris Brown released two different tracks together on Monday, and to say they’re receiving mixed reactions would be an understatement. While many have dubbed Ri’s “Birthday Cake” as being pretty catchy, the sexually explicit lyrics are making some uncomfortable considering their bumpy (and that is putting it very lightly) past together.

Celebuzz’s Facebook readers had a lot to say about this collaboration, so we thought we’d put together some of the most interesting responses.

Jonas P: she’s insane just for being near him

Jacob D.: Sooo good but im confused why she did the remix with him…

Shirley Y.: Sick, she needs guidance!

William B.: Still crying out here :(

Jen D.: Typical of women who were abused to go back to; or stay with the abuser. He did go for help, maybe he has changed, time will tell. I think she’s been on a downward spiral ever since the assault.

Chrissy S.: GROSS! ‘It’s cool u beat the shit out of me a few years back, now let’s sing together :)’ wtf? My hubby n I think they’ve been together this whole time!

Gabrielle H.: Yeah I’m going to pass on that. Talk about sick behavior.

Monica D.: It wouldn’t surprise me if this is a stunt to help get him back in the music scene. She knows if she acts like she is good with him it will help bring his fans back. No matter what they don’t belong together. Once you touch a women you loose that right ever have her.

Krisy F.: Great role model Rihanna…

Fernando B.: WTF???!!!! I can’t freaking believe it! Come on Rihanna, why of all the artists in this world you have to choose him?

Courtenay B.: I officially lost some respect for her. Totally unacceptable!!