Relationship Expert Advises ‘Immediate Psychological Counseling’ For Rihanna & Chris Brown (PHOTOS)

The sudden reunion between Rihanna and Chris Brown has ignited a huge controversy. Fans have expressed their disappointment in seeing the two partner on “Birthday Cake” and spend time together — even though they say they are just friends.

Celebuzz turned to relationship expert and Author of The Breakup BibleRachel A. Sussman, who says the reunion could be “very damaging.” 

Is this reunion healthy?
Abuse of any kind in a relationship is extremely dangerous. There is often a dance between the abuser and the victim where they breakup (often violently) and then reunite. It’s very damaging. The way to break the cycle is to end the relationship and then both parties should immediately get psychological counseling.

Why do people forgive their abusers?
Often abusers were abused themselves as youngsters. Many abusers have had hard lives. A certain woman will fall for this person wanting to be his savior, thinking she can mend his wounds.

Should people try to salvage these relationships and get back together?
I’m not a big fan of people in abusive relationships getting back together. There are millions of people in this country. Heal yourself and then get involved in a fresh and healthy relationship with someone who is less complicated.

Some public reaction has been to “get over it” because it happened three years ago. Can you offer insight into this?
Anyone who feels it is ok must seriously examine how they have come to feel this way. Did they come from a family where abuse was prevalent? If so, get the help you need to break the awful cycle of abuse.

What is your advice to these two?
My advice for any couple who are engaged or previously engaged with abuse is to get treatment and stay in treatment. Stay away from your abuser. Getting back together can endanger your mental and physical health. It can endanger your life too.