Brad Pitt & George Clooney’s Bromance Through the Years (PHOTOS)

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It’s been over a decade since Brad Pitt, 48, and George Clooney, 50, first hit the big screen together in the 2001 movie Ocean’s Eleven. Since then, they’ve been making us swoon double-time by hitting the red carpet together support of their films and most recently, during this awards show season.

 These two could be the best looking best friends in Hollywood, and in honor of the two Oscar nominees, we decided to take a jog down memory lane to see their friendship through the years. From their time in the Ocean’s movies to Burn After Reading to now, click the pics to see this handsome bromance unfold in photos. 

As mentioned, both men are up for Best Actor Academy Awards, Brad for his part in Moneyball and George for The Descendants. Who do you think should win the Oscar: Brad or George? Sound off in the comments. 

George already won a Golden Globe for his Descendants role, and he mentioned Brad in his acceptance speech, saying: 

“I wanted to say it’s nice to see Brad and it’s nice to be able to tell him not just what wonderful work he’s doing in two films this year, but also what wonderful work he does in the world to the rest of the people. I’m a fan.”

Can’t get enough of these two? check out their style evolutions below.