Demi Lovato Gives First Hand Look at Her Recovery in 'Stay Strong' Trailer (VIDEO)

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Demi: Stay Strong
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On Tuesday, it was announced that Demi Lovato would have a special airing in March on MTV that documents her personal and professional life while recovering from an eating disorder, and now the trailer has been released.

Beginning in Fall 2011, the 19-year-old singer lets cameras follow her as she toured, and also touches on how she reluctantly became a role model when first coming onto the music scene, among a variety of other touchy subjects.

Demi definitely isn't afraid to hold back.

It shows Demi on Thanksgiving, which is especially hard for her considering she has continuing struggles with food.

Check out the video above.

Demi tweeted about the doc and said: Will you tune in? Let us know in the comments!


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  • Alyssa

    You seriously have no respect. You look at what it looks like and not what the meaning of it is... Learn to respect her look what she has gone through she is amazingly beautiful and I honestly wish I had the strength that she does bc I know what she is going through she is such an inspitation to so many girls and guys RESPECT HER

  • livesinafairytale

    Whether or not Demi's reasons for helping all of these people were wrong or right does not take away from the fact that she's doing god damn GOOD THINGS. So don't make a comment about how she's doing this for attention, because even if she was, it wouldn't matter. Contrary to your beliefs, Demi is helping people other than herself & saving peoples lives doing what she does every day.

  • Liz Cardona
    Liz Cardona

    This is cool

  • ugh

    thats exactly what I was thinking! nobody told her to go cut herself and not eat, its her own fault that she acted stupidly and carelessly but Amaya Hormonal up there doesnt seem to think so.

  • htmarshall

    Go Demi! Definitely an inspiration!

  • Grina

    Demi is my inspiration/role-model, she is the reason that I'm still alive, because she has showed me that I can get healthy again and that every one is beautiful in a special way! So don't say Demi is a attention celebrity, because her story has help SO many girls and boys world wide. Love to you Demi.

  • terry

    funny how she only admits her "problems" and goes to rehab when she is facing jail time. the only person she is helping is herself. a whole lot of suckers like u feel sorry for her and give her the attention she wants. she never does anything for other ppl, totally self-absorbed and self-centered

  • terry

    what did she go through? she was bullied in high school? so what? so were lots of ppl. she just uses that as an excuse for her terrible behavior: sex, drugs and assault. she belongs in jail

  • livesinafairytale

    Those of you insulting Demi need to be quiet. You obviously have no idea what you're talking about and you don't understand the seriousness of her disease. Anorexia and bulimia can both be death sentences if they get to that point -- yes, it definitely takes a lot to get there, but it can happen. Demi thought she was going to die for a while there, and she didn't think it was possible for her to get better. She is not "milking this thing" like you seem to believe. Demi is helping thousands, maybe even millions, of people every day just by sharing her story & the message that it can get better. So whether or not you approve of her or not doesn't matter, because she's saving lives doing what she does.

  • Me

    What Demi went through was terrible and it's great that she is recovering! However, I think she is talking about this way too much. When is she going to be recognized for her work? All I hear about now is her rehab.

  • dumas1000

    She is trying to be of service to others. That's how you recover from addiction. As well as various other emotional issues. If you have no experience with addiction or with addicts, you probably wouldn't understand.

  • Lav

    Do you guys have no empathy? She's spreading such a positive message to teenagers today - and this is coming from a former bulimic.

  • Moon Johanson
    Moon Johanson

    Disgusting black nails on scarred up wrists covered in trashy tattoos. Every man's dream, let me tell you.

  • Amaya Harmony LaPrad
    Amaya Harmony LaPrad

    What is your problem? She had legit problems and and went and got proper help. She could have died from those problems. She isn't milking it she's trying to voice to people going through what she did and saying you're not alone. Demi is still recovering and Everyone should stand behind her and support her for going thru her problems with the media all around her...she's letting people know even famous peolpe have issues and at least she's not causing trouble like other hollywood young "starlets". So how bout you go find out what it's like to have an eating disorder and check out the dangers of cutting. You will see she is a Brave, Strong young woman not just some "starlet" having issues. Til then keep your comment about "it's not like she's dying" to yourself. She not looking for sympathy. And I like I mentioned before she is recovering.

  • ugh

    demi lovato is so overdramatic. She needs to stop the whole milking rehab thing. we get it, she went in and now she's better but just stop going on about it and searching for sympathy. and its hardly a 'recovery', its not like she's dying.