Justin Theroux: Jennifer Aniston Loves When I Break Dance (VIDEO)

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After watching Justin Theroux on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, we totally see what Jennifer Aniston sees in him (besides his great style and good looks). 

The Wanderlust actor broke out his breakdancing skills on the daytime talk show, and admitted that his girlfriend is “obsessed” with his talent. “I have a very particular pair of shoes, which I breakdance in,” Justin explained to Ellen. “I breakdanced at a friend’s wedding, so [Jennifer has] been saying, ‘When are you going to breakdance?’”

Justin seems like tons of fun, but what to you think? Is a goof ball kind of guy your type? Sound off in the comments. 

The actor’s gal Jen recently told The Wrap that she asked to have her full-frontal scene in her film cut after she started dating Justin. She told the website:

“When the film was edited with the frontal nudity in it, Aniston pleaded for an alternate version due to her blossoming relationship with Theroux, whom she met on the set of the film.”

Sounds like Jen is taking all the precautions to protect this relationship.