Kissing Connection: Past and Present Loves of Vanessa Hudgens (VIDEO)

These days it seems that Disney stars are all finding love at the house of mouse!

From the very public five-year relationship with her High School Musical  costar Zac Efronto her recent new beau and Disney cutie Austin Butler, Vanessa Hudgens has definitely found more than just a costar in some of her professional endeavors!

The Journey 2 beauty has been seen out and about being very affectionate with her new man.  It seems like she has really found her happiness with Austin.

Check out the video to see some of the connections between Vanessa's past and present loves!

What do you think of Vanessa's romantic history? Let us know in the comments!



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  • Jade

    Really? You're insulting her beacuse she's in love? You don't like her, don't read articles about her and bitch about her through the comments. You're a coward. Like to see you say it to her face. She deserves the best. Grow up, and like I said to Candy, stop acting like a jealous groupie and get overself. And learn to spell properly!

  • Jade

    Seriously?! What is wrong with all you people? Can't she just be happy? She LOVES AUSTIN!!! And she's has made it very clear that she has NO feelings for Zac Efron. Just because Vanessa and Austin like to kiss and hug in public doesn't mean she's trying to make him jealous. Grow up and stop acting like a jealous groupie.

  • Mich

    she a totally bitch both guys are ammazing she doesnt deseberd them sorry

  • Kat

    Something about the guy she's with now rubs me the wrong way. I just don't like him.

  • candy

    I think Vanessa is doing all this nauseating PDA with this unattractive "always in gray" boy in hopes of making Zac mad. Since she and Zac dated for over 5 yrs, I'm pretty sure Vanessa knows what buttons to push to make him angry. She's probably bitter because Zac never wanted to do the PDA and she did. Now, she's shoving it in his face. She's a beautiful young woman, but she needs to grow up and stop rubbing against this boy in public. It makes her look immature and desperate.

  • Lee Blairlove
    Lee Blairlove

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