'Birthday Cake' Producer Reveals: Chris Brown Collaboration was Rihanna's Idea (VIDEO)

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When Rihanni's "Birthday Cake"--featuring Chris Brown--dropped earlier this week, music fans swamped Twitter and Facebook to express their ill feelings.

The Dream--the producer behind the track--opened up on MTV's RapFix on Wednesday about how the controversial collaboration came about. He reveals that it wasn't his idea to team up with Breezy. In fact, it was RiRi's idea! 

"At the end of the day, she's my friend, so whatever she wants to do is whatever she wants to do," he explained.
That certainly changes things, doesn't it? Let us know in the comments what you think about this new development!

It's clear that Rihanna has forgiven Chris for his wrongdoings, and The Dream advises that her fans should "fall in line" and do the same. He continues:
”I think he understands what happened. I don’t think he’s … brushing it off like it’s nothing. Most of the time, the things that I see him do is out of defense … because the defense comes from, ‘I know it wasn’t cool, and I understand that.’”
The Dream added, "He’s kid, and she was a kid when this happened."

Recently, the "We Found Love" singer was spotted partying it up at Mahiki Nightclub after the 2012 Brit Awards. Check out her bright yellow dress in the gallery below:

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  • Contracting Info
    Contracting Info

    Valuable info. Lucky me I found your web site accidentally, and I'm stunned why this twist of fate did not came about in advance! I bookmarked it.

  • estrogenex

    Clearly, you're an idiot. Props? Yeah hit me again, Ike, and this time put some STANK on it.

  • estrogenex

    And you know that Rihanna is ever going to allow this again HOW? Give me a break. Actions speak louder than words, and this women deserves any future problems reconnecting with this wingnut brings her. She might be a star but she's not too bright now, is she? Or maybe she just likes the way it hurts. *slaps forehead*


    A mi me encanta la música de Rihanna y si ella deside cantar con chris, es por que a ella le parece que el hace buena música, ademas ella jamas nos ha decepcionado con sus canciones. ¡ yo te apoyo RIRI!, y si ella quiere volver con el pues que lo haga no sera la primera ni la ultima mujer en el mundo que hace locuras por amor, o que se queda con el malo de la pelicula jajajajaja, i love you RIRI

  • gungun

    see what celebritybangsDOTcom said "Rihanna just a cake in Chris Brown Head"

  • Maya Meza Ochoa
    Maya Meza Ochoa


  • HappyK

    I agree. You can forgive. But you dont have to forget. Im sure both of them are tird of hearing the same learn to leave the past and attept to make a positive futyr old BS everytime someone mentions their name together. Its king of like when Madonna & Sean Penn went through the same thing. Chris & RiRi both know what happened in the relationship they had. And they both know right from wrong. Its time to let both of those adults do what makes them happy. And if its not what we as society consider to be the right thing to do, oh well. We dont have to live in either one of their shoes. Smart move on both of them for trying to move forward. And not giving a damn what ppl think.

  • Oluwajoba FullChordz Odesanya
    Oluwajoba FullChordz Odesanya

    i believe they can still come back together since they now doin collabs. they should just get back together already!!! hahaha.. lol check out their turn up the music song/video here:http://supercoolstuffs.blogspot.com/2012/02/chris-brown-rihanna-collabo-to-release.html

  • Jennifer Payton
    Jennifer Payton

    Just because she did a track with him doesn't mean she's hanging with him. It doesn't mean they're a couple. It means they did one track together. And so often, they aren't even in the studio together when that stuff is recorded. But even if they were, it shows that she is mature enough to work through what happened and truly forgive him with an open heart. That's what we're supposed to do when people wrong us. I have all the respect in the world for people who can move past things like that and truly forgive the people who hurt them. It shows courage, maturity and a loving heart. She's not stupid. Forgiving someone is not stupid. Letting them hurt you again is stupid, but I don't think Rihanna is at all stupid. She learned as much as he did from the incident and I don't believe she will ever let another man treat her like that. Ever.

  • Candy girl
    Candy girl

    She's something else. Its definitely not a sin to forgive but its safe to say that she is a fool for not keeping him a distance. Only a Chris Brown fan would think otherwise. If I had a daughter/son/mother/best friend that went through the same thing, I would say the same thing. And now they are mad that people have opinions? You put your life in the spot light and dont expect it on these terms? Brush it off and ignore it. They are grown individuals, but dont be surprised. As a female and the "victim", you take more heat than Chris especially after all the defamatory interviews. This cant be todays reality

  • Bimshire

    Obviously, they still care for each other and Ri has forgiven him and has moved on. He admitted he was wrong and apologised profusely. I am happy for them. I was always hoping that they will remain friends. BROTHERS AND SISTERS, there is something name FORGIVENESS. I wish them all the love and I hope that they put God first. To them love from Bajan,Barbados, Bimshire - all the same place.

  • Jonathan Siewert
    Jonathan Siewert

    She is a lot dumber than I thought. I have no repect for anymore. I hope she doesn't expect people to feel sorry for her if Chris beats the crap out of her again.