Jennifer Aniston Reacts to Boyfriend Justin Theroux’s Breakdancing on ‘Ellen’ (VIDEO)

Jennifer & Justin Kiss!
Aniston & Theroux pack on the PDA!
Aniston's Bikini Bod
JenAn shows off her rocking bikini body.
Jennifer Aniston loves when her man Justin Theroux busts a move. The actress stopped by The Ellen DeGeneres Show, opening up about her boyfriend’s breakdancing on the show the day before.

“I feel quite guilty about this because I said [to him], ‘You should probably be prepared because Ellen likes to surprise you with things. He was like, ‘She won’t do that to me. I’m a first time guest.’ I was like, ‘You’re right. She would never do that to you, honey.’ And there I go and I help you in your trickery,” Jennifer said, admitting that she sent Justin’s “breakdance” shoes to the Ellen studios.

Watch her reaction to the break dancing video above!

While promoting her movie Wanderlust, Jen also stopped by Conan and dished about getting her star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

“It was pretty surreal, wild,” she said. She went on to joke about how bizarre the iconic ceremony really is though. “You get down and touch the ground … but that shouldn’t be called the walk of fame, it should be called the walk of shame — because you’re on all fours on Hollywood Boulevard!” Aniston joked.

“That’s how I got this job,” Conan O’Brien joked.

“You and me both!” Aniston said.

Watch more of her hilarious interview with Conan: