Oscar Nominee George Clooney's Most Handsome Looks (PHOTOS)

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84th Academy Awards Nominations Luncheon - Inside
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Warning: it's about to get hot,  George Clooney hot. Stacy Keibler, you are one lucky woman. 

With Oscar Sunday just days away, Hollywood is in full force preparing for the huge awards ceremony. Nominees are getting the perfect outfits together while trying to stay calm before the big day. 

Clooney, an Academy Award favorite, is up for yet another Academy Award this year. In 2005, he won his first award for best supporting actor in Syriana. In total, he's been nominated for best actor three times, best director once, and twice for screenplay collaborations. 

He's also a two-time People Magazine's Sexiest Man Alive. Click the handsome pics and see why he deserves this title!

This year, George is nominated for best actor for his role as Matt King -- a father who finds out his comatose wife was having an affair-- in The Descendants. He's also up for best adapted screenplay for his political drama Ides of March, where he plays corrupt Governor Mike Morris. Not only did he star, but he helped write, direct and produce the film. 

After the Critics Choice Awards last month, Celebuzz caught up with George and and asked him what his “ah-ha” moment was when he realized The Descendants was going to influence so many people:

"Probably Telluride [Film Festival]. It was the first time it showed it to a big audience and a critical audience. It was the first time we understood and heard people laughing. The funniest thing is there are a few moments in the film that you knew would be funny, but there were a lot of those that were always there as the director, but weren’t necessarily there for the actors. It was nice to hear some of the laughter because that really set up some of the really rough stuff later."
What do you think? Does George deserve the statuette for Best Actor? Defend your answer in the comments. 


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