Who Almost Landed These Oscar Nominated Roles? (PHOTOS)

2012 Oscar Nominees
And the nominees are...
It’s hard to imagine anyone else playing Kate Winslet’s role in Titanic or Rooney Mara’s intense character in The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, but there were other familiar faces up for these parts. 

We’re just days away from the 2012 Academy Awards, and we thought it interesting to look back at some of the stars that almost landed these Oscar worthy roles. Who admitted to auditioning for Bridesmaids? The TV actress told Celebuzz

“I auditioned for Melissa McCarthy’s part – and that’s what’s weird … The part wasn’t defined necessarily as one thing [when I auditioned]. I was doing a very specific take on it, and they really liked it. But I think, ultimately, Miss McCarthy is perfect in that movie.”

Click the pics to find out who we’re quoting, and let us know: Do you think these roles would have been nominated if played by anyone else? 

Not all roles earn award nominations, but they certainly stick with you. Lindsay Lohan’s role in The Parent Trap in one such role, and Shameless star Emmy Rossum admitted to Celebuzz that she was up to play the part. She disclosed: 

“I was 12, but I really wanted the role. … Lindsay beat me out of the role, [but] I’m having the time of my life and currently working on Shameless.” 

Looks like it all worked out!