Jon Voight Rooting for ‘Brilliant’ Brad Pitt On Oscars Sunday (EXCLUSIVE)

It’s clear who Jon Voight will be rooting for on Oscar Sunday: his daughter Angelina Jolie’s partner Brad Pitt!

“I am rooting for Brad, absolutely I am,” Jon told Celebuzz of the Moneyball actor. “I think the performance is absolutely brilliant. It’s a great performance. Everybody in that group gave a great performance, but I think this is the performance of Brad’s career. It’s the performance I’ve been waiting for in some sense I think. It’s his movie. There is so much passion, it’s beautiful.”

Brad will be facing some tough competition, including good friend George Clooney, but at least he has Angie’s dad in his corner!

Pitt is nominated for his performance in Moneyball, but Jon says he would like to see Brad back on the big screen with his daughter next.

“I hope [Brad and Angelina] do a film together again,” Jon said. “They are wonderful together, wonderful. In every aspect.”

Can’t say we disagree! 

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