Flashback Friday: Jennifer Aniston & Paul Rudd in ‘The Object of My Affection’ (VIDEO)

Jennifer & Justin Kiss!
Aniston & Theroux pack on the PDA!
Jennifer: Wander-ful Work
Aniston says she had the time of her life making 'Wanderlust.'
There’s just something about Jennifer Aniston and Paul Rudd that works as a couple. Onscreen that is (he’s married with kids IRL). 

When the two couple up in the name of comedy — it’s gold! Their new film Wanderlust is out today (and trust us, the Judd Apatow-produced film is worth the ticket price), but it got us thinking about the last time these two played lovers. ..

Take a look at their romantic misadventures in the trailer for The Object of My Affection

While making their new flick, Jen told Celebuzz: “I had th etime of my life!”

It was during filming that she met her current beau Justin Theroux.

As to how the cast enjoyed filming on location in Georgia, she says,  “We loved it. We absolutely love it. We were sort of all brought together [because we were in a place where none of us lived].”