Go Behind the Scenes of Whitney Houston’s Chilling Performance in ‘Sparkle’ (VIDEO)

The 2012 remake of Sparkle marks Whitney Houston’s last feature film performance and, from the looks of it, the songstress definitely gave it her all for the role. Recently, Entertainment Tonight aired unseen footage of Houston’s giving a chilling performance on the set of the upcoming flick. In the video, Whitney, who was in character as co-star Jordin Sparks’ mother, was seen singing her heart out during a church scene in Detroit.

Houston also sat down in an intimate interview to discuss her religious upbringing and memories of growing up inside New Hope Baptist Church — the place which held Whitney’s funeral earlier this month.

“What I read the script I was like, ‘Did she [put that in]? Did y’all know that New Hope Baptist Church is the name of a church that I grew up in?” Whitney recalled the moment she discovered that movie’s fictional church shares the same name as her childhood church. “They had no idea.”

Later on, Houston and Sparks discussed the legendary singer’s motherly side. The two co-stars reminisced about an incident in which Jordin accidentally played a song to Whitney that had explicit words in the lyrics.

“And I was like, ‘Are they saying what I think they’re saying'” Whitney said. “Too much cussing going on in there!”

Sparkle will hit theaters on August 17. For more Whitney coverage, check out the videos below!