Lily Collins: Playing Snow White Is a Crazy Dream Come True (PHOTOS)

Snow White Battle
Kristen Stewart vs. Lily Collins as Snow White
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Lily Collins is ready to be the fairest of them all, starring as Snow White in the highly anticipated movie, Mirror Mirror. The 22-year-old actress graces the March cover of NYLON and opens up about her new film and how she doesn't plan on ever being a tabloid party girl.

Although critics are already pitting her against Kristen Stewart's portrayal of Snow White, Lily isn't letting it phase her, revealing:

"Growing up in the English countryside, I would go out into the fields and create my own stories, and I would run around as if I was in a movie. That's why for me, playing Snow White was a crazy dream come true because I've always been someone who would read books and then go and make a movie in my head."

So what's next for her?

"I have no idea what will happen after Mirror Mirror, but I love that I can still do what I want to do on a weekend, like go to the flea market. I don't ever want that to stop. I won't want to suddenly have to sacrifice parts of myself, and I don't feel like I am, knowing that people are going to be more interested in my personal life. I never did go out and party. I never did do the whole drinking, drugs…That wasn’t ever me and is never gonna be me."

Check out more of Lily's interview with Nylon.



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  • richjay

    yes and she is the proof :)

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    she's perfect.

  • mileyismylife

    Hi, I'm Lily Collins and i'm the most amazingly beautiful girl in the world !

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    My jaw just dropped, she is so amazing!

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    Is it even possible to be this hot ?

  • sophia

    "she doesn’t plan on ever being a tabloid party girl" If she hooks up Zac Efron, she absolutely will become a tabloid party girl. Big time. Or does she have plans to pull him away from his life in the fast lane with party girl Rumer Willis and his ninja buddies? Good luck on that.

  • candy

    Did she get the part cause she's Phil Collins' daughter? Don't know if she can act, but her speaking voice is terrible, like a little girl, and she's 22. She needs to take "speaking" lessons.

  • Robsten_Fan

    Love her... <3