Sheryl Crow 'Soaks Up the Sun' Wearing Teeny Bikini In Hawaii (PHOTOS)

Sheryl Crow steps out on the beaches of Maui, Hawaii showing off her very firm and fit bikini bod. The 50-year-old singer is on a tropical holiday with her sons Levi and Wyatt and her age certainly does not show in these beach shots!

What have her and her boys been up to on their vacay?

They were seen splashing around in the water, sitting in the sand and kayaking together looking happier than ever. 

For someone who just turned 50 recently (Feb. 11), we think Sheryl just looks absolutely amazing, but what do you think? Sound off in the comments!



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  • none

    This is amazing to you? Shes skin and bones and not attractive in the least!

  • SailFree

    Takes some work to stay fit at age 50. Congratulations.

  • Michelle

    And skin and bones? You mean the bones underneath the muscles forming that fit and amazing body? Go die in a hole you useless vast waste of space. You probably have your own orbit. Oink oink.

  • Michelle

    You mean the breasts she has from beating Breast Cancer "tony"? Only a woman would say what you said, because you are clearly jealous and overweight. Secondly, she does look fit and amazing. She's beautiful, you're not. Stop being a jealous cow and go put the fork down. You who thinks its okay to call women names but probably throws a hippo fit whenever someone points out how ugly you are, inside and out.

  • Tina Fiore Carnevale
    Tina Fiore Carnevale

    There are endomorphs and ectomorphs. You can't be made at her for the body type God gave her. I have an auntie who's close to 70, she eats and drinks everything, but hasn't gained a pound since jr. high. Her older sister is just the opposite in that, she smells food and gains weight. I think Sheryl looks great.

  • Sonia

    After beating breast cancer. . . saying anything negative about her chest is beyond the pale. She looks great for 50! 100% natural, too! Shows what healthy eating and an active lifestyle can do!

  • Tony

    This is "exactly" whats wrong with HOLLYWIERD! You call this amazing! Really. She is a skeloton. Sorry I dont find that atractive in the least. Gice me some curves. She has no chest. looks like a sick little boy! Really Gross. Skin and Bones is not sexy people. WAKE UP