‘X Factor’ Judge: We Considered Whitney Houston For The Show

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Before Whitney Houston’s tragic death and after news broke that the female judges had been let go from The X Factor, judge L.A. Reid said they were considering the music icon for the show. L.A. told HLN

“Whitney and we would have certainly considered it, but the truth is it never quite came to that. There was an interest there, but we never actually had meetings about it.”

Now, the show plans to pay tribute to the star who gave so much to music. Judge and X Factor executive producer Simon Cowell disclosed: 

The X Factor will pay tribute to Houston in some way, and he’ll make sure it’s different from his competitors at The Voice and American Idol.”

Cowell added, “I think we have to do it in a different way. But the important thing is that we’re going to continually pay tribute to Whitney Houston on this show because we love her, we love her songs, and there probably won’t ever be a season where you won’t hear a Whitney song. They’re timeless.”

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