Kristen Stewart & Robert Pattinson 'Very Affectionate' at WME's Pre-Oscars Bash (EXCLUSIVE)

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With the Academy Awards just around the corner, stars are flocking to some of Hollywood's hottest pre-Oscars parties and Celebuzz has got the scoop on what went down at WME's private Brentwood bash last night.

Friday, an insider spotted Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson getting "very affectionate" inside the private party. We're told Kristen, who was seen sporting a plaid shirt, jeans and heels apparently looked happy as can be with her gorgeous boyfriend.

"They arrived together and rarely left each others sides," a partygoer tells us. "It was sweet, they mingled with guests but were conscience of where the other was. There was no shortage of PDA! They held hands throughout the evening."

After arriving, they caught up briefly with fellow guest and Breaking Dawn co-star Taylor Lautner! Apparently Rob sipped on some champagne while Kristen greeted a few other friends.

Meanwhile, Lautner's ex Taylor Swift was spotted chatting up one of football's most eligible bachelor. Who was it?

Tim Tebow, of course! Our insider told us that Taylor, who was spotted rocking a black dress, spent most of her evening talking to the hunky quarterback. "They were together for almost an hour," adds the source. "She approached Tim and he looked more than happy to be talking with her."

Also there: Real-life couple Liam Hemsworth and Miley Cyrus were seen hanging out together while guests sipped on champagne and Red Bull. It looks to us like Liam's spending as much time as he can with Miley before he embarks on his Hunger Games promotional tour!

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  • Saman

    Ah!.It is amazing how an 'A' list star like Anne would acwgkoledned that Robert and Kristen are the hottest couple in Hollywood..and I'm sure a lot of people agree with her!..hi to my favs!!

  • Marilene

    umm im not triyng umm im not triyng to be mean but those picture that were sent to nick were personal so who realy cares if she knew they were gonna get out and everyone would see them i bet she wouldnt of done it it is her life she wants to that kinda stuff then let her and plus she was were a bra and underware and thats just like weaaring a bikeni

  • trish22

    And what whole truth might that be?

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    Obviously trish, you don't like the truth, whole truth. A page from Bri...double slap your ugly ass face

  • trish22

    Don't like hearing the truth, do you?

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    you're a fkn idiot. Just.. Slap yourself please!

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    I saw those pictures, too. I wondered why she was hiding in the bushes, but I guess I'd hide in the bushes too if I'd just found out out I'd been nominated for a Razzie. It must be tough on your ego when you think you're the greatest thing out there, just to find out your not.

  • anna

    dang, robsten's taken a licking, but keeps on ticking through the years.

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    maybe she still has a hang-over while writing this article.

  • 123sudawy

    I’m glad Rob & Kristen enjoyed one of their private parties last night! After 2 or 3 years together they still manage to stay low profile and under radar as much as possible, I love this lovely couple! Rob’s such a great boyfriend and as always as protector to Kristen – he was at the car first (see one of their pap pics last night), have the door open while waiting for Kristen jump in, SO SWEET! By the way, Kristen still looks sooooo…oo cute and gorgeous even though she just got on simple red plaid shirt, jeans, and heels!

  • lyla

    Kristen and Robert are super adorable.

  • nora

    ha-that's what I was going to write too.

  • Sun

    "conscious", not "conscience"

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    this isn't Taryn's article, it's someone else's who is covering the general party, not just rob and kristen.

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    i agree more details on the pda girl.

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    Taryn we need MORE deets. This article is lame.

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    rob and kristen are totes cute