New ‘Hunger Games’ Still Shows Donald Sutherland Front & Center as President Snow (PHOTOS)

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Another day, another The Hunger Games sneak peek!

Lionsgate has been doing a good job whetting fans’ appetite with Hunger Games’ stills and today’s closer look at Donald Sutherland’s character is no different. In the photo, the veteran actor is seen addressing the citizen of Panem as its infamous leader, President Snow.

If you’re unfamiliar with this important character, be sure to check out Celebuzz’s helpful Hunger Games encyclopedia below!

President Snow is the ruler of Panem and rules the country with a iron fist. He, along with fellow Game Makers, devised The Hunger Games as to remind citizens the consequences of revolting against the Capitol and its leader. He’s a strict authority and is quick to quash anything that remotely resembles a rebellion. Better watch out, Katniss!

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