Kendall & Kylie Jenner Step Out for a Sisterly Lunch Date in Malibu (PHOTOS)

Kendall and Kylie Jenner looked fabulous this weekend when they stepped out to grab lunch in sky-high heels. The stylish siblings looked effortlessly chic in tailored pants and loose blouses as they noshed on pizza and sodas at the Malibu Lumber Yard.

Although the sisters were followed by a camera crew (perhaps filming a new season of Keeping Up with the Kardashians), Kendall and Kylie took time out to take photos with fans nearby. 

Recently, Kendall debuted her swimwear photo shoot for White Sands. Check it out below!



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  • Eve

    I love their style, but if I would wear clothes like that in my little town, they'd stare at me like I'm mental.

  • avila

    kylie looks lyk she 30 yrs old with four kids!--please!stop! you luk old,--yes its fashionable,but for ppl lyk khloe,kim n kourtney not u, ur a teenager with a cute bod, dont dress lyk ur 30.:)) love u doll

  • A

    Kendall is beautiful but so sad that in this pic Kendall looks like Kim... poor Kendall...


    she's gorgeeeeeeeeeeous... she has changed a lot in the last two years... but for good :)


    kylie is sooooo stunning her body's going to be like kim and her face reminds me kourtney...

  • Jojo

    omg what happend with her heels (kylie)

  • Jojo

    I agree .. one of them is 14 I think, that's to young for those heels!

  • tehtruth

    Too bad Kylie not as attractive as Kendall - a cross she'll bear her entire life. Kendall is the looker - Kylie less than average.

  • Raquel

    INCREDIBLE STYLE!!!!! in love with those cloths... Stunning... Big Fan <3

  • adfm

    they dress like adults... yes it looks beautiful.. but they are what 15? weird

  • Jasmina Spasovska
    Jasmina Spasovska

    i love you kylie you sexy thing

  • Jasmina Spasovska
    Jasmina Spasovska

    shes gorgeouss

  • Ashley W - OC VA
    Ashley W - OC VA

    Love both of these girls, Kendall's clothes, Kylie's shoes!

  • TAMIKA20

    I am ugly in comparison to them they look so beautiful <3<3 that I am just jealous on them hhhh =) lol love u KYLIE AND KENDALL <3<3