'The Descendants' Star Amara Miller Talks Working with George Clooney (VIDEOS)

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Hollywood is buzzing with anticipation for tonight's Academy Awards and Celebuzz took to Saturday's Independent Spirit Awards to find how stars are preparing for the big event. The Descendants actress Amara Miller, who played George Clooney's youngest daughter in the Oscar-nominated flick, stopped by to dish to us about her Oscars gown and the best advice the actor has given her.

Did George's fatherly character rub off on him a little bit? Maybe!

"He said, 'Wherever you go or wherever you are, always treat people with kindness and humor,'" Amara told us, recalling George's advice to her. "He said that will take you so far in life ... to always remain grounded and real."

But Amara wasn't the only star we spoke with on the Independent Spirit Awards red carpet. Check out more star-studded videos below. 

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