‘Hunger Games’ Book Club: Chapter 23 (VIDEO)

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Welcome back to Celebuzz’s 100 Days of Hunger Games video countdown. Today we bring you chapter 23 of our book club. Katniss and Peeta are hidden in a cave, resting up and nursing their wounds. The tributes are very hungry, so they decide to play up their "romance" to get food. Before we know it, Katniss and Peeta are lip-locked. OMG!

Before we dish any more spoliers, watch the video to find out what happens next.

Want more Hunger Games? Catch up on all our book club chapters right here:

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  • Angie

    There is a chapter 22, you just skip to the end of the video for chapter 23 and the this thing comes up and you just hover over the link/picture thing and it should say chp 22 then you just click on that :)

  • Laura

    I couldnt find it!! There should be a recap at the weekend though!

  • aanyaa

    There is chapter 22! You can find it just under the main video of chapter 23 when you finish to watch it (in the list the small videos below).

  • Laura

    Dear Lord! You skipped chapter 22!! That's like the best one in the whole book!! Ahhhhhhhhhh!!!!

  • anthony

    you skipped chapter 22

  • jd33

    Looks pretty cool actually! Can't wait for it to hit theaters! Make $100+ per day for FREE @ FreeMoneyProducer(dot)com