Celebrity Mailbag: Ask 'Hunger Games' Star Amandla Stenberg Anything!

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Want to know more about The Hunger Games? Celebuzz is here to help!

We're opening up our Celebrity Mailbag to Amandla Stenberg, who plays Rue in the film, to answer your most burning questions!

Nothing is off limits here (other than inappropriate comments, no duh) so ask her anything!

Simply post your question below with your name -- then check back here for her answers via video! 



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  • Cristal

    Hey Amandla! I'm 12 and will be playing Rue in a fan version my friends and I are making of THG. Any tips? Also, I was wondering how you got your acting jobs. Did nd agent find yo, or did you find them? Thank you! Ciara

  • Dasha Kazakova
    Dasha Kazakova

    Hi, Amandla!you are very beautiful)) How did you achieved such success? What I can do that would become an actress? Dasha from Russia :)

  • Lucy Bruyninckx
    Lucy Bruyninckx

    Hey, Amandla! I'm such a big fan of yours! I'm a 13 year old as well, and interested in becoming an actress, but I don't know how to discuss it with my family. Somehow "Can I audition for movies?" doesn't seem like normal dinner-time conversation... So, how did you convince your family to allow you to do auditions? How did you bring it up to them? Thanks! :)

  • Bella

    Hi Amandla! This is so cool! :D By the way I think you are adorable and amazing! Sooo my question for you is..... I know for me the scene when Rue dies is really really REALLY emotional (I cry every time I read it : ))...How was it shooting that scene?

  • Carolina Estrella
    Carolina Estrella

    Hi, Amanda!! You are so cute! What was the hardest scene you did in the movie? Kisses, Carol Estrella from Brasil

  • Courtney

    Was it challenging to recreate the death scene? Which scene was the hardest to do? i'm like a huge fan and i can't wiat for the movie to come out! you look just like what i pictured Rue to look like

  • Anna Maree Hughes
    Anna Maree Hughes

    Hi Amandla! What was it like to be Rue? Was it fun? What was it like working with such great actors , you know , like Josh Hutcherson?! :) Your fan , Anna!

  • Rachel

    Hey Amandla! I think you'll make an awesome Rue. You look just like I imagined her. :) How do you like playing Rue? Do you think she's much like you in real life?

  • Marissa

    Amandla, do you think you are like Rue? If so, what characteristics do you both share?

  • Juwi

    Hey Amandla. what characteristic of Rue attracted you the most and do you love music as much as she did?

  • Lorna Mellark
    Lorna Mellark

    Hey Amandla, i was wondering who is your inspiration in life ?? And why ?? ps. Please could you give a shout-out to Lorna And Carly ( you have no idea what it would mean to us thank you )

  • Lee Srenaliy
    Lee Srenaliy

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  • Helen

    Just wondering if you've seen the movie yet? Josh apparently did (and tweeted about it). Or do you have to wait until the premiere like the rest of us? :P

  • Phoebe

    Hi Amandla! Who was the funniest person in the cast of The Hunger Games? PS: I'll think you'll be a perfect Rue!

  • daniya

    What was your favorite part of shooting The Hunger Games ,& Who did you enjoy working with the most?