Cute Kid Alert! Angelina Jolie Takes Twins, Knox & Vivienne, Shopping (PHOTOS)

Knox and Vivienne are growing up so fast!

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt's twins, 3, looked adorable, holding hands as they went shopping in Beverly Hills on Monday afternoon. Vivienne donned a white coat, white dress and pink flats while Knox wore all black, covering up with a leather jacket. Angi looked on from behind, looking sexy in a white top, black blazer and pants paired with a black boots.

Angelina, 36, kept her sexy legs hidden during the morning shopping spree, but the whole world was buzzing about her famous pins at Sunday's 2012 Oscars.

At the award show, the actress flashed a lot of leg in a sexy Atelier Versace black gown. 

Angie’s right leg has become so popular in her Oscars gown that someone created a Twitter account for it. See more of her sexy pics below.



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  • peoplesuck

    something terribly wrong with these kids? i think there's something terribly wrong with you. these are children, who takes pot shots at children?

  • welta

    You people are SICK.

  • Guest

    There is something terribly wrong with those kids. Looks like knox has suffered a few "knox" to the head. That kid needs a haircut. Not only does he look retarded but he looks like a retarded welfare case. God those people can afford to dress those brats in decent clothing but they choose to make them all look like they just did their clothing shopping at the Good Will.

  • Maurice Gattis
    Maurice Gattis

    No, she is Brad's mom.

  • twilight_lover

    is thats ang's mom?

  • ree

    soooo cuteeeeeeeeeeeeee

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    Lee Srenaliy

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  • Hannah Nothard
    Hannah Nothard

    oh mah gosh holding hands totally cutest family eva

  • missmolly

    What is wrong with that kid's head?

  • yeeeeehaw

    Holy Downs' Syndrome Batman!!!

  • ann
    ann's mother long leg...gross..

  • myriam simoron
    myriam simoron

    the kids got their looks fr jane pitt...look closely and the similarity is so obvious....

  • myriam simoron
    myriam simoron

    ya dnt browse and shows angelina is worth viewing coz even dslikers browse her accnt...she's a on top of everyone and in one can beat her popularity

  • maine

    so whats your problem about that?do not browse her if you don't like he.stupid.

  • Scarybony

    She try to cover up the historical scene of the Oscar bony spider legs by higlighting a family scene ! pfft ! bla bla bla ! nice try !

  • maine
    maine lovely..all the haters out there: GET A LIFE or STFU.

  • RobN

    Yeah, the leg isn't really that popular. The twitter account is intended to mock the entire thing, not because the whole world is "buzzing" about it.