Top 10 Most Searched Movies in 2011 (PHOTOS)

Tom Cruise in 'M:I"
Tom reprises his role in 'Mission: Impossible' sequel. Read More »

With the Oscars all wrapped up, we thought it would be interesting to see how public interest played into the results of the biggest awards show in Hollywood by taking a look at Bing's "Top 10 Most Searched Movies in 2011" list! 

Guess who? Tom Cruise held the number one spot with Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol. That wasn't the only sequel on the list.  In fact sequels took over this year holding down the top five.  

The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn came in at number two.

Following up is The Hangover II, Pirates of the Caribbean: On Strange Tides and Harry Potter and The Deathly Hollows Part Two.  

Flip through our photo gallery to see the complete list of the Top 10 Most Searched Movies in 2011.

And to check out Celebuzz's Full Oscar Coverage click here and see more Bing Oscar coverage in the video below:



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  • Savita

    nanni it also looks like you are a BIGOT. We, Indians, are not like you and filled with prejudice, we appreciate the work of artists and entertainers. Even with the downfall of media, stars are still recognized and admired for their dedication in entertainment.

  • Savita

    I grew up in a small town of North India. I had never seen a single movie of Tom Cruise and knew he is a big moviestar. The best and most successful of bollywood are often compared to him. Indian media has gone downhill the past decade. They will do anything to make a buck, may it be writing false stories against its own superstar, SRK. Only stupid people like you will believe it and they continue to write that way. In fact, this Top 10 search shows that his movie was the #1 searched and it only proves your comment false, were you unable to read it? India is growing in internet use and this movie did VERY well in India! Tom Cruise movies always do well in India because he's Tom Bollywood will also be doing it's own remake of Knight and Day with SK.

  • nanni

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