Which Lady Should ‘The Bachelor’ Ben Flajnik Choose? (POLL)

It’s down to the final three on The Bachelor!

Courtney Robertson, Nicki Sterling and Lindzi  Cox are all vying for Ben Flajnik’s affections — but what if the choice was yours?

Take our poll to tell us which of these three ladies Ben should give the final rose!

Just what is Ben looking for, exactly? “Someone who is worldly and … has experienced life,” he says. “At such a young age I’ve gone through so much — my father’s passing, I’ve been able to travel … I’ve had a lot of life lessons so that’s what I kind of look for in a counterpoint.”

On the next episode, the foursome are off to Switzerland for exotic dates, plus a rejected suitor returns! 

Are you in love with The Bachelor this season — or has he killed his chanced at romance? Sound off in the comments below!