Guess Which Flexible Reality Star Is Hanging Upside Down (PHOTO)

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This is one limber reality star! The blonde bombshell posted a number of pics of herself working on her fitness. She captioned this particular photo, writing:

 “Here’s some split action for ya!Aerial yoga is so my sport cuz u can twist & bend every which way … To see more u gotta…”

Still need another hint? She also tweeted: “Look no hands!!Just balancing using my core muscles.1st time doing Aerial Yoga.” 

Can you guess which bootylicious starlet is hanging upside down?

It’s Coco from Ice Loves Coco on E! The reality star was very proud of her flexibility (as she should) and had to show it off.

Celebuzzrecently chatted with the reality star who revealed some of her style tips. “When you’re trying to feel sexy, I know every girl, if they throw on a pair of heels with a pair of jeans, those heels will just make you feel like a totally different person. So, definitely heels is a must. I’m talking it doesn’t have to be a dress, just one pair of heels will do a big job for both the girls and the boys because the boys like to see girls in heels.