Jake Pavelka On 'Bachelor' Frontrunner Courtney Robertson: I Don't Get Her Appeal (EXCLUSIVE)

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When former Bachelor Jake Pavelka isn't selling out crowds at his latest Chippendales stint at The Rio in Las Vegas, he is tuning in a little bit to watch Ben Flajnik on The Bachelor this season.

"I think the girls are, or were, amazingly cast," Jake told Celebuzz about the current season. Of course, everyone is talking about Courtney Robertson, the troublemaker of the house and conniving frontrunner who supposedly steals Ben's heart in the end.

"Okay, honestly as a viewer at home, I don’t get her appeal," Jake said when we asked his thoughts on the  "winning" model from Santa Monica. "However I have been in Ben’s shoes so I understand where Ben is. I get it."

Continued Pavelka:

"But right now, I assure you if he did pick Courtney, when they watch those episodes together, I guarantee you after the show if its Ben and Courtney together, they are having interesting conversations."
So would watching her behavior be the nail in the coffin for their relationship? Not necessarily. But normally the best thing to do in a brand new relationship is watch old video of your old relationships.

Jake said with a laugh he learned "a lot" after choosing then fiance Vienna Girardi.

What do you think Celebuzz readers? Are you watching The Bachelor? Chime in on last night's episode and what you think of Courtney making it to the final round!

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  • Elizabeth Lubbers
    Elizabeth Lubbers

    Hey Ben I think If you Would Choose The Crazy Girl She Will Break your heart again But If I was you Choose Lindsey over the Crazy Girl she is not their for the Right Reason at all. If I was you Choose Lindsey Over The Crazy Girl If you do that you will choose The Right Girl for you too.