Johnny Depp Shows Off Unique Style in New York City (PHOTOS)

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Johnny Depp is an actor who always keeps it interesting.

Which is exactly what he did Monday afternoon in New York City, where he was spotted leaving an apartment building wearing one of his most unique outfits to date.

Dressed in a bright blue and tan coat, loose-fitting pants, fedora and sunglasses, it was hard not to notice the three-time Oscar nominee as he made his way past cameras.

And speaking of the Oscars, Johnny's highly acclaimed animated film, Rango, took home the Oscar on Sunday for Best Animated Feature. Congrats!

What do you think of Johnny's street style? Is it awesome? Or a mess? Check it out now in our gallery!



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  • Renee'

    He looks great. The man is an individual in everything he does, which is the way it should be. I can't help but adore him.

  • Risky

    Johnny has NEVER been a fashionista! Who would want to see THAT? This is him! I mean this is the guy who gave us "Fear And Loathing In LV", "Ed Wood," "Finding Neverland", "The Libertine", "Alice In Wonderland". Show some respect– leave that other stuff to the red carpet drones.

  • FloB

    He looked like Johnny has always looked that is his style and we love him for it. We love and admire you forever and for always Johnny

  • rachel

    I love his style and he is amazing..what more can I say?..I love you Johnny!

  • Best Guest Ever LoL:)
    Best Guest Ever LoL:)

    He is always handsome and maybe he looks intresting but it is not bad...But he lost kilos I think because of he split.. Maybe..Or for Lone Ranger...Anyway 4ever JD LoVe xoxo And I guess someone will write smthng about Vp denied the rumours...No I don't believe in her. She is deniall