Lea Michele's Hottest Bikini Looks ... So Far! (PHOTOS)

Lea Michele has been spotted in some scantily clad, barely there bikinis recently -– with that gorgeous tan of hers, who can blame her?!

The Glee star has been making the rounds beach-side recently on vacation with then boyfriend Theo Stockman, plus a separate trip with one of her girlfriends. While the TV star took brief break from filming earlier this year, Lea's ever changing bikinis while on her vacay have made her one of our Celebuzz faves in the bikini category! 

Lea was first on our bikini radar when she was spotted with a two-piece light blue, strapless bikini while she was in Hawaii with her ex Theo Stockman back in July of last year. Lea sure made being beach side look very hot and sheek! 

The self proclaimed vegan looks like she's eating the right greens in her diet to pull off looking amazing in this navy stripe bikini –can we have whatever she's having?!

The star is back on set to resume filming for Glee as of February 20th per her Twitter page. With rumors circulating that she is dating her co-star Corey Monteith, we hope Ms. Michele enjoyed her poolside bikini time before she's hard at work again. 

Check out a clip from Lea's performance of Halestorm's "Here's to Us" on Glee!

Do you like Lea's navy bikini two piece? What color goes best with a tanned bod? Sound off in our comments!



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  • Emily Caswell
  • Jay Chaplin
    Jay Chaplin

    Ruby that make absolutely no sense so fail for the comment and being rude in general for no reason. She looks great especially in the blue halter top bikini.

  • Ruby

    Ugh, really? I think she has a head like a squashed potato. Really overrated.

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    Lee Srenaliy

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  • jenn

    She's gorgeous and talented, unlike so much of young Hollywood. I love the navy blue halter bikini -- that's my favorite. She looks fabulous in all of them, though. I wish I had her figure. LOVE HER!

  • chartewko

    she is beautiful actress. her body is scan scan body . so i like her