Lindsay Lohan Spotted At 'SNL' Studios in NYC (PHOTOS)

LiLo's Playboy Cover
Lindsay Lohan's Playboy Cover
Lindsay Lohan channels Marilyn Monroe in the racy mag. Read More »

The countdown to troubled starlet Lindsay Lohan's return to Saturday Night Live begins now!

Lohan was seen at NBC Studios in Rockefeller Center on Monday night picking up her script and meeting the cast of SNL in NYC. Her bright blonde mane was a little unruly but she was rocking a seventies inspired fashion in her flare jeans, black tee and bright orange bag.

What do the funny and creative writers of SNL have in mind for Lindsay to play?

“It entirely depends which Lindsay Lohan shows up. Lindsay the actor, or Lindsay the TMZ celebrity we've come to know from various court appearances,” says journalist Glynnis MacNicol. “If it's the former and Lohan arrives sharp and confident, than this could be a great opportunity for her to kick her career back on track and remind people she  can act. Calista Gingrich is a terrific figure in SNL terms (that hair!) and presumably someone Lohan could have a lot of over-the-top fun portraying.”
Lindsay's surprise SNL gig isn't the only popular New York based show she is scheduled to appear on this week. She will be talking with Matt Lauer on the TODAY show for "a no holds bar interview" which is set to air on Thursday, March 1.

Lindsay has been receiving positive progress reports in court these days by continuing to complete her community service and obeying the law.

Do you think this truly is the comeback of Lindsay Lohan? Sound off in the comments!




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  • Mercy

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  • Rehana

    for the record the dcrosiptien for the videos says that this video is for us to judge whether or not it is plastic. I certainly agree that in some of those pictures the person just wasnt wearing make up which can make a huge difference.

  • Sewa

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  • Oji

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