Michelle Williams Takes Daughter Matilda On Post-Oscars Play Date


Little Matilda Ledger is all grown up!

Michelle Williams was seen taking her 7-year-old daughter (whose father is the late Heath Ledger) to a play date in Studio City, Calif. on Monday morning, just one night after she attended the 2012 Academy Awards as a nominee. Matilda was all smiles as Michelle doted on her like the loving mother she is.

Mom first, actress second -- and we love that about her!

This casual look Michelle was sporting is deftly different than the glamorous Louis Vuitton gown she was sporting on Sunday, but she still managed to look cute and casual!

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  • Ruby

    Sensitive much? It's a fact that men don't like short hair on women, makes them look like boys.

  • danielleakame

    Matilda looks sooo much like Heath wow!!!

  • AlaBella

    Disgusting, seriously? Time to ditch the long-hair diktat, honey. Long hair doesn't suit all women, and not all women are comfortable with wearing their hair long. Give it a break, it's just hair anyway

  • AlaBella

    Wow! I can't believe Matilda is 7 already! And she's so tall!

  • Ruby

    I wish she'd grow her hair. Short hair on women looks disgusting. That little Matilda so has Heaths eyes.

  • Fabyola Lylyana Ramos
    Fabyola Lylyana Ramos


  • julie

    Great actress, devoted mom. Such nice person. Wishing her the best!