Whitney Port: With Awareness Comes Change (VIDEO)

Whitney's Bieber Fever
Whit heads to the 'Never' premiere.
Whitney's New Beau
Get the scoop on Whitney Port's new boyfriend, Tim Rosenman.
Day in and day out there are infinite numbers of children bullied and tormented for no reason whatsoever. Whether this act comes from one’s own insecurity or immaturity, it cannot be tolerated any longer. It disgusts me to think that we can hurt each other so much to a point that an 11-year-old feels he has no choice but to take his own life. In order to help diminish and take a much needed call to action, such movies as the below have been made. Ignorance is NOT bliss. With awareness comes change. Please, please watch the below and spread the word.

And to all parents — it is your responsibility to make sure your children are treating each and every peer with the respect and kindness every human deserves. It is your duty to make sure they stand up for those with no voice and to use their own to unite, not alienate.

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