A Leap Day Look Back At Biggest Headlines of February 2012 (PHOTOS)

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Every four years, February gets an extra day, and this month saw a slew of celebrity headlines that we won’t soon forget. From the tragic and sudden passing of Whitney Houston to Kourtney Kardashian’s exciting news that she’s having a baby girl to Jennifer Garner giving birth to a son, Celebuzz staffers have been very busy this Leap Year. 

Given it’s Leap Day and lots has happened in 28 short days, we thought it best to reflect on some of the biggest headlines and photos that have come across our news desk this February. 

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One photo set that got tongues wagging and girls envying was that of Kim Kardashian flaunting her bikini body around Miami, FL. For a closer look, click the pics below: 

Kourtney also showed off her adorable baby bump in a teeny bikini while in Mexico.

But obviously the biggeest headline was losing Whitney Houston at the young age of 48. As seen at the 2012 Grammy Awards, she will be greatly missed. 

The Grammy Awards also saw Adele’s first performance post throat surgery. Check out her singing “Rolling In the Deep”: