Sarah Colonna Clears Up ‘Jennifer Aniston Has More Sex Than Brad Pitt’ Comment (EXCLUSIVE)

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Celebuzz had the pleasure of chatting with comedian Sarah Colonna, best known for appearing on Chelsea Lately and After Lately, but she also has a new book titled Life As I Blow It. The funny gal talked to us about her book, her friendship with Chelsea Handler, and she also wanted to clarify the comment she made that “Jennifer Aniston has more sex than Brad Pitt.

“Yeah, let me clear up one thing,” Sarah said Tuesday. “The way I was asked — he was asking me about the whole ‘Jen being a lonely girl thing’ that is repeatedly in the tabloids. I said I feel like that’s such an old story and BS. She’s had some really hot boyfriends over the past few years!”

“So I think the lonely, love triangle thing is just completely fabricated by the press. Just like she’s not pregnant. And doesn’t have six kids, so she probably has an easier time having sex!” Sarah said with a laugh.

CB: Jennifer made an appearance on Chelsea Lately, what was it like having her and Reese Witherspoon back? 

Sarah: Yeah, that was so fun! You know Reese, I can’t believe she came back and did it again. So great of her. Then to have Jennifer Anniston come on. It was so great because I don’t think anyone expected her to make fun of Chelsea. It was hilarious. We are all just laughing and then I said, ‘You know, I think she might really feel that way about you Chelsea.’ She was way too convincing.

So Jennifer really can dish it back to Chelsea!

Yeah it was great. She’s really good with her, giving her a hard time back. So, it was really funny.

Since you guys are all good friends, is it hard to stay away from certain things when preparing for Chelsea Lately?

Even if Chelsea was such good friends with someone, she would call them out on it on the show. For the stories like about Jen’s pregnant and things like that, there’s really no point to tell them because they aren’t true anyway!

Congrats on you’re new book! Can you give our readers an idea of what to expect with it?

It’s definitely funny, so we’ll start with that. It’s a lot of stories, told chronologically about my life. I grew up in the south and moved to California when I was 21. My parents split up when I was young and my father lived in LA most of my life, while my mom was in Arkansas. He’s been married four times, my mother is a little more traditional than that. I really saw these two different paths in life. I discovered, now that I’m 37, that that’s why I probably spent most of my 20’s and 30’s really confused, trying to figure out which one of those people I was going to be. Now I’m finally realizing that you don’t have to pick one way. You can kind of be both in some ways. Maybe the best of both, hopefully. I think that’s something people can relate to. What you want to do career-wise, relationship-wise, kid-wise, all those things.

When writing a book like this, how much do you take into consideration that your parents are going to be reading it?

It’s so funny because after I wrote it and once it went through, there’s this legal process and they call you in and ask you certain questions about certain things you said in the book. That’s when I was like, ‘Oh wait! people are going to read this besides my editor?’ Luckily though, I prepared them as best I could and I said, you know, I’m not mean in the book. It’s not dirty or anything. It’s just real stories and I think at the end of the day my mom probably said the best thing when she told me that it really had some heart to it. I didn’t really realize that when I was writing it. As scared as they might of been, they are happy now.

Can you talk a little bit about how you and Chelsea formed a friendship early on?

Yeah! We were both in an improv class together and quickly realized that neither of us were really good at it. Going to see improv is so good and when you’re not good, it’s just bad. That’s what we were. It’s such a specific thing rather than stand-up. It’s a group thing and people are calling out names and games. It’s so fun to watch when people are doing it well. So when you want to get into comedy, that’s part of it. Then when you go take class, it’s like, this is not me — I can’t do this. We had both wanted to do stand-up so we met in this class and actually had that conversation where we both like, thank god we both have somebody to do this with together. At least we had each other.

Any favorite margarita story you want to share?

Oh god, there’s plenty of them. I think my favorite was in Australia. One morning we got up and Chelsea was just like, I just wanna go out on a boat today and just have drinks and do nothing. That kind of day. It was amazing. It was our first day off since we had been there. So we went out and spent the entire day on this tiny boat. Then we found out that we had to actually sail the boat. It wasn’t very well planned out. There’s another one where we were jet skiing in the water and got pulled over. That might have been my favorite. We weren’t drinking or anything. Apparently we were speeding, which was really funny. I had no idea what was going on, then screamed in Roy’s ear, ‘I think we are getting pulled over!’ Didn’t even know that was possible.

You have tons of funny stories similar to this, but what’s your favorite part of the book?

I think the best part was remembering things that I hadn’t really revisited in a while. And then putting pieces together to realize why I’m like this. (Laughs) In a good way, like I’m actually a grown-up somewhere along the way. I think one of my favorite stories was when I was just having one of the worst sets on stage. I had just started doing stand-up and I just ran off in a panic. For 3 days, I was like, what am I doing with my life? This is not the way it should be. I’m not cut out for this. I should just go work wherever, anywhere else. It was fun to write because it was painful. I remember how devastated I was that day. Then at the same time I’m still doing it. I didn’t let it stop me.

What kind of advice do you have for people that are wanting to get started in the comedy world?

I believe it’s like anything else. Anything that you are persistent about, you don’t let people get you down. Especially in the entertainment industry, people are going to try to find ways to say negative things about you. I feel like the internet is the place people go to be mean. I just feel like, as cliche as it may seem, if you believe that you should truly be doing something then you just keep doing it. Also, don’t put yourself through it unless you really want to do it.

Everyone go pick up Life As I Blow It, on stores now, and of course tune into Chelsea Lately on E!