Snooki (Possibly) Joins the Youngest Celebrity Moms Club! (PHOTOS)

baby on board?
Snooki Young Mom

We have a feeling Snooki is going to be one of those "cool" moms!

While it's not confirmed from the pint-sized Jersey Shore star herself (yet), a number of outlets are confirming that she is expecting her first bundle of joy at the age of 24. Snooks wouldn't be the first celeb to welcome a baby on the younger side.

So, who are some other Hollywood ladies who had their maternal instincts kick in earlier than most?

Britney Spears had her first son Sean Preston at only 23, while her little sis Jamie Lynn Spears was a mere 17-years-old when she welcomed her daughter Maddie in 2008. Also, fellow MTV reality star Kristin Cavallari announced back in January that she and fiance Jay Cutler were expecting their first child later this year.

There are plenty of other ladies who gave birth (or announced they were pregnant) at a pretty young age, so take a look through the gallery to find out who!



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  • Ella

    I don't understand why so many people agree with having a child when you are 16...MTV really damaged your mind.

  • Tara

    Yeah, she is not a celebrity, neither Snooki or Kristen Cavallari...or Kendra.

  • Dianne Underwood
    Dianne Underwood

    having a child in your 20's is not young .. curious, how many of them are married?

  • hulkstress123

    What a shock it would be if Snooki was pregnant! I bet that would cause for some major changes on her spin-off show. I would still continue to watch her show though. I would definitely relate a lot more. When someone has a child, it changes them so maybe she would be making some major changes. I try to laugh my butt off as much as I can watch Jersey Shore. Even though I work late at DISH or college, I still manage to keep up on all the drama. Thanks to DISH Online, it’s a pretty cool site that allows me to watch all the drama from my computer. I wish Snooki all the best.

  • kamiluccha

    she is so pretty ! I love her ! :*

  • Billye Lutz
    Billye Lutz

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