Taylor Swift Has 'Tea Time' With Sophia Grace & Rosie (VIDEO)

Sophia Meets Minaj
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Ellen DeGeneres' faves Sophia Grace, her hype girl Rosie and Taylor Swift enjoyed a spot of tea and a princess party. Donning a pink tutu and tiara like her tiny fans, Taylor got one of the best compliments a girl could get from these adorable YouTube-turned-TV stars. 

When asked who their favorite princess was, Sophia answered Taylor, saying, "You. You look beautiful." Rosie added, "It looks like  you have a pink tutu on and a lovely top."

Could they BE any cuter?! 

Sophia Grace asks the country crooner, "Those colors look pretty on you, what colors do you think look pretty on us?" Swifty answered adorably, "I think that you guys do pink, purple and I like the silver crowns."

Little Sophia mentioned that she knew Taylor would wear gold to the Grammy Awards because she saw her in a magazine where they labeled her the "Gold Girl." She complimented the singer, gushing, "[Gold] really suits you."

Check out the video to learn Taylor's favorite cotton candy flavor, and Sophia and Rosie's favorite ice cream. Also, the girls ask the question that bloggers have been dying to know: Does Taylor have a boyfriend? See the answer above!



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  • Kathleen McLaughlin Slagen
    Kathleen McLaughlin Slagen

    These girls are the cutest and funniest thing I've seen on TV in a long while! Love this segment on Ellen!