HLN Host On Lindsay Lohan's Sobriety: Every Addict Remembers Day They Hit Rock Bottom

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HLN host Jane Velez-Mitchell is quite vocal on her show about her own road to recovery when it comes to her battle with addiction. It's no wonder that she feels so strongly about Lindsay Lohan's recent quotes from her interview with TODAY show host Matt Lauer (full interview to air on Thursday) where she claims she's sober but could not recall the exact day of sobriety or for how long.

Jane weighed in on this peculiar confession, telling Celebuzz exclusively:

"That is not a good sign. People who are in recovery cherish and brag about their sobriety date. There is a phrase in sobriety programs called “counting the days” as in counting every single day a person has been sober. 
Continued Jane:

"The fact that Lindsay does not know how long she has been sober is very strange. Everyone knows the moment they surrender and admit to hitting rock bottom, it doesn’t make sense given that she said she is sober now."
So what advice does Jane have for the 25-year-old embattled actress? "Be rigorous in your program and be honest with yourself. Also to get humble and surround yourself with a whole bunch of sober friends."

Lindsay is set to host Saturday Night Live on March 3, but Jane feels it's a little too soon for Lilo to be back in the limelight. She explains, "She needs to go to a sobriety program right now. Working can create undue stress, what she needs to do is take a hiatus right now. In sobriety programs they say, ‘Don’t try to fix life, just work on yourself and your life will get better.’"

When asked how far along Jane thinks Lindsay is in her recovery, she shared, "Nobody can know how far along into recovery someone is except that person. Given that she doesn’t even know, I don’t know how anybody else can say."

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  • Mercy

    most of these are just make up, you can see it plain as day. if putting on make up is pitlac surgery than every woman on the planet has gone through it .. and some men too .

  • Rehana

    for the record the dcrosiptien for the videos says that this video is for us to judge whether or not it is plastic. I certainly agree that in some of those pictures the person just wasnt wearing make up which can make a huge difference.

  • Sewa

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  • Oji

    wellall magazines put ranodm **** unrelated to the main content now and then they put a ren and stimpy episode that was banned on kids channel in spike tv which is a channel for men not even **** (the episode featured a lot of innuendo), you can find all kinds of unrelated things in your favorite magazines, i dont see anything wrong with thisi mean if they? wanted to put a more suggestive cartoon character they would of picked something like jessica rabbit or put a more realistic looking one

  • Samantha Cahill
    Samantha Cahill

    no, what she said when asked how long was that "it's been a while, it's been a long time". those are her exact words, she never said she didn't know. she just doesn't want to give an exact number.

  • Observer

    Lindsay needs a payday. She's probably already burned through the cash she earned from Playboy and is continuing to make up lies as she goes along . . .

  • dumas1000

    She knows. With Lindsay, people who go back to that exact day and judge her for it if she gave the day. It's obvious her sobriety isn't 100% since she left rehab. And people would judge her for that too. But she has a clean probation record for around 4 months. Her history would suggest she couldn't have done that not sober. Lindsay is not a functioning addict anymore, it would seem. If she's functioning, she must be clean. Otherwise, she would be a mess and it would be obvious to everyone.

  • niteflower71

    I saw the show this morning and I heard Lindsey say that she DIDN'T KNOW the date she got sober.....That striked me as strange due to the fact that addicts are PROUD of their sobriety...Obviously Lindsey is NOT SOBER.

  • Samantha Cahill
    Samantha Cahill

    not knowing and not wanting to say are to very different situations. lindsay didn't say she didn't know, i think it was more that she didn't want to say. maybe she's had relapse since coming out of Betty Ford and doesn't want to make that public and she has every right to make that choice.