HLN Host On Lindsay Lohan’s Sobriety: Every Addict Remembers Day They Hit Rock Bottom

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HLN host Jane Velez-Mitchell is quite vocal on her show about her own road to recovery when it comes to her battle with addiction. It’s no wonder that she feels so strongly about Lindsay Lohan’s recent quotes from her interview with TODAY show host Matt Lauer (full interview to air on Thursday) where she claims she’s sober but could not recall the exact day of sobriety or for how long.

Jane weighed in on this peculiar confession, telling Celebuzz exclusively:

“That is not a good sign. People who are in recovery cherish and brag about their sobriety date. There is a phrase in sobriety programs called “counting the days” as in counting every single day a person has been sober. 

Continued Jane:

“The fact that Lindsay does not know how long she has been sober is very strange. Everyone knows the moment they surrender and admit to hitting rock bottom, it doesn’t make sense given that she said she is sober now.”

So what advice does Jane have for the 25-year-old embattled actress? “Be rigorous in your program and be honest with yourself. Also to get humble and surround yourself with a whole bunch of sober friends.”

Lindsay is set to host Saturday Night Live on March 3, but Jane feels it’s a little too soon for Lilo to be back in the limelight. She explains, “She needs to go to a sobriety program right now. Working can create undue stress, what she needs to do is take a hiatus right now. In sobriety programs they say, ‘Don’t try to fix life, just work on yourself and your life will get better.’”

When asked how far along Jane thinks Lindsay is in her recovery, she shared, “Nobody can know how far along into recovery someone is except that person. Given that she doesn’t even know, I don’t know how anybody else can say.”

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