Battle for the Bands Starts Today: Rock Out for Cash & Prizes!

Miley & Kelly Covers
Pop music's biggest stars covering their faves.
When Kelly Clarkson talks, people should really listen! The original American Idol has teamed up with Do Something and Celebuzz to promote the Battle for the Bands!

Today marks the official first day entrants can participate to win amazing prizes. Teaming with Vh1’s Save the Music Foundation, we’re calling for teens to upload videos of themselves discussing why music education is so important. Those videos will be narrowed down to a few finalists, and the finalists will be judged by a panel of experts who will bestow over $10,000 in scholarships and more!

Entrants are given the option to create their videos in one of three awesome ways:

  • Create a music videoto tell us why music education is important in your school. Write an original song to convey your message or you show us how great your band is and why music is important to keep in your school.
  • Change the lyrics to your favorite song to tell us why music education is important to you.
  • Want to tell us why you care about music, but you don’t play and instrument or sing? Create a video telling us why music education is important to you.

Winners receive:

  • Up to $5000 in grant funding for their school music program
  • Up to 30 tickets to a concert of their choice
  • Musical instruments to get them started
  • Up to $10,000 in scholarships for individuals or outstanding groups

Head right here to enter!