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Kimora Lee Simmons Celebrity Mailbag
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Are you curious just how model and entrepreneur Kimora Lee Simmons manages to do all that she does? Well you're in luck! Celebuzz is giving you the opportunity to ask the multi-talented diva anything you'd like to know!

Kimora is not only a reality TV star, designer, and mother.  She is a hugely successful business woman in her own right. Recently she has become the President and Creative Director of  JustFab.com and started her own Shinto Clinical skincare line.

Even though all of her endeavors keep her extemely busy, she really wants to hear from Celebuzz readers and answer some of your questions.

All you have to do to get in on the action is go to Facebook and 'Like' Celebuzz and Kimora's pages. Then sign in with Facebook and leave your questions in the comments!

It's that easy! So get your questions ready and get to commenting!

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  • krystani

    Hey Kimora I really admire who you are and your story. However I dream of being where you are in the fashion industry, but where I live fashion isn't really a big thing. Could you give me advice on how to make it to the top

  • Bontle Scheppers
    Bontle Scheppers

    Hi Kimora What do you think(as Miss Fabulosity herself) truly describes the term fabulous? I always wanna feel fab, but can't always understand it. Is it opulence? Is it being confident? Is it taking care of yourself? What exactly is the term FABULOSITY?

  • Precious Bennett
    Precious Bennett

    I have always been a fan of your fashion sense and been keeping up with you since your baby phat reign and I loved the KLS Collection. Will you ever bring the KLS Collection back?

  • valery

    ey queen fabulosity i am Valery i love fashion and fashion design. i am in the process of starting my own fashion impire,so i need advise on the proceedures that have to take place during this venture...

  • Amelia

    I wanted to b like u since I was 5 yrs old I love all ur children they so Cute

  • Sasha Kelly
    Sasha Kelly

    How do you just do you and not get caught up with people's opinions and comments..it's easy for me to say I don't care what anyone says or thinks but I still feel like I have that high school 'framework' around me. I wanna not give a damn like you do! :)

  • Marcus Mosiah Garvey
    Marcus Mosiah Garvey

    1) Have you ever considered going back into the reality show business? 2) At what age did you leave your home in order to pursue your modelling career? Did you mother ever discourage you from doing it?

  • Marcus Mosiah Garvey
    Marcus Mosiah Garvey

    1) Have you ever considered going back into the reality show business? 2) What age did you first leave your home in order to pursue a modelling career? Did your mother ever discourage you from doing it?

  • Alex

    are you going to write another book?

  • cammie

    why nobody i know likes you????

  • babejnr15

    When you coming to visit us in London KLS? We think you are the tip of the iceberg when it comes to fabulosity! Love you x

  • brianna

    I love your louboutin pigalle heels!. do you practice walking in them before the red carpet?.Cause it seems almost second nature when you walk in 5 inch heels!

  • MzFashionista

    After your day is done from playing super mom....business woman...wife...and every hat u wear day, what is the one thing you have to do or have before you go to bed to make you relax before tomorrow comes and u start the mantra all over again?

  • jaydee

    its obvious that you have excelled as an entreprenuer. why not open a training school open to women would-be entrepreneurs (qualification will be -no entrepreneural experience + innovative mind), run a 6mths program were you dish out all ur experience + practicals.pick the top !0 at the end of the program and assist them with referrals to start their choice of business. that way you would have spread fabulosity into businesses all over the world

  • Sugar

    Did you decide one day that you wanted to launch a skin care line, and you got to work on putting it together, or was the idea presented to you by some who figured you'd be interested and willing to put in the hard work alongside them? How did it all go down? It looks like a lot of thought went into it and I have a feeling it's going to do very well.

  • klsdream7

    What is the process & steps do you advise a person to take, who wants their own clothing line and fragrance line. Secondly, I want to model as well! lol do they allow short models? ever?

  • Renokkusu Benz
    Renokkusu Benz

    what products do you use on ming and aoki's skin and especially hair?

  • Renokkusu Benz
    Renokkusu Benz

    what are the steps one should take to be a part of a design team. I've graduated from high school and want to go straight into employment, yet don't know where to start. I'm not particually keen on studying again, I would rather learn on the job. advice kimora?

  • Mareesha Morris
    Mareesha Morris

    Have you ever considered setting up an advice column, where you would be able to answer some of your fans question on a regular basis. I say this because you are one of the few celeb's who take time out to speak to their fans. I know this from personal experience in your reaching out to me. Appreciate you xx

  • Dawn

    My 7 year old daugher is showing promise as a future fashion designer. She loves to design shoes and made her first pair of shoes last summer. Do you have any words of wisdom that I could share with her? She said to me the other day that she would like her shoes to be in a magazine for $200.00.

  • Charlottesville Inception
    Charlottesville Inception

    if someone did not look like a typical supermodel or currently was not married or divorced from a mega-media mogul, what are your top ten suggestions of starting creation of a lifestyle brand?

  • Mila

    How is that you managed to not be overwhelmed by all the things you have to do. I'm working at it, trying to handling the presure of having a tough job that I don't like that much, but that is the starting point for the rest of my life, but sometimes is just really hard. how do you do it! and by the way, your book is one of the best things it happened to me, is the bible of being fab!

  • Linda Jansen van Rensburg
    Linda Jansen van Rensburg

    Kimora, I have been a fan for so long. I am turning 50 this year and wish that I could just have one ite4m from you. I am from South Africa and just love you so much, you are my insoiration for fabulosity!! Pleaser open a store with all your fabulosity here in South Africa for us to enjoy too!!

  • Celia

    Hi Kimora, I met you at the JustFab denim launch and found you to be very beautiful in person. U smiled a lot and even waved for me to take a picture of you. Would you consider yourself to be approachable? and do you ever get overwhelmed by so many people swarming to take pictures at events like these.

  • Stephanie Molden
    Stephanie Molden

    You play a lot of roles..wife,mom,business woman..How do you balance it all. How much does your relationship with Christ add to your success in those roles?

  • Stephanie Molden
    Stephanie Molden

    What's the height of the shortest run-way model?

  • kimcake1906

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  • Sheizher Salvador
    Sheizher Salvador

    How to be Success Like her? I wanted To be her Since when i was Like 9 yrs old! ♥