Celebrity Mailbag: Megan & Liz Reveal Their Hidden Talents! (VIDEO)

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Celebuzz brings you the second installment of our Celebrity Mailbag with Megan & Liz  (see pt.1 here). In today's Q&A, the girls share their bucket list of singing collaborations, plus reveal their hidden talents! 

See what the twin sisters had to say about their unconventional talents –- you'll be as surprised as we were!

The duo reveal that Taylor Swift is one of many artists they'd like to collaborate wit,h among others. See Megan & Liz covering Taylor Swift's "Last Kiss" below. 

Megan also discusses what her fascination with "gleeking" is and defines this term for us -- which is kind of a gross out! 

Watch our interview with Megan & Liz -- and don’t forget to follow our Facebook and Twitter pages for breaking celebrity news stories.

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