‘Hunger Games’ Hottie Josh Hutcherson Rates Costar’s Kissing Skills (EXCLUSIVE VIDEO)

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Josh Hutcherson is already gaining star power with his role in The Hunger Games books-turned-movies, so much so that he landed the April cover of NYLON Guys magazine. Celebuzz’s own Taryn Ryder got to chat with the adorable actor, and asked the hard-hitting questions like: How many kissing scenes can we expect between him and Katniss (Jennifer Lawrence)? and How would he rate JLaw on a kissing scale?

Games fans can rejoice after hearing that the cave scene will be pretty long, but Josh admitted that there’s really only one kissing scene. “That’s what happens in the book,” he explains. “We keep it true to that.”

So, is Jennifer a good kisser?

“Twelve out of 10, 100 percent,” Josh said of his gorgeous costar’s lip locking skills!

Check out the video for more film reveals, and learn what Josh’s fave scenes are from Hunger Games. The movie hits theaters March 23, and Celebuzz will be building the anticipation every step of the way with our 100 Days of Hunger Games. Be sure to like us on Facebook and follow us @Celebuzz on Twitter so your sure not to miss a moment!