Jennifer Lawrence, ‘Hunger Games’ Cast Spill New Details in Entertainment Weekly

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Game on! With only a few more weeks until the highly-anticipated Hunger Games premiere, the film’s star Jennifer Lawrence shows off her bow and arrow skills on the cover of Entertainment Weekly‘s latest issue, on newsstands March 2.

Inside the issue, the cast opens up about the film — spilling brand new details about what happened on and off set. Woody Harrelson, who initially turned down the role of Katniss and Peeta’s mentor Haymitch, admits he’d be kicking himself now if he’d let the role slip away.

“Listen, I’m nuts. It was just a stupid thing where I hadn’t read the books yet. I didn’t see that there was enough for me to do in the script. But then Gary called me back and said ‘You got to do this, I don’t have a second choice for the role.’ And of course flattery always gets the best of me so I read the books and really saw the depths of this guy. Holy s—, I would have been bummed to miss this.”

Woody goes on to reveal that when he came to set, he was surprised by Lenny Kravitz’s extensive wardrobe. “Lenny had these racks of all these different clothes for his stage show, or I suppose just for him in life. We’d all try on his jackets and shirts and wild clothes and take pictures and laugh. I mean, I’m telling you, this was a great group of people.”

Meanwhile, Josh Hutcherson is bracing himself for the insanity and predicated Twilight-esque pandemonium. 

“I’m constantly texting [Jennifer], like ‘Oh, boy, here we go,’” he says. “It’s kind of like we’re getting ready for our own Hunger Games.”