Katy Perry: My Music Is About to Get Really Dark (PHOTOS)

Katy Stuns at 2012 Grammys
Katy Perry is looking blue on the red carpet.
Katy Perry’s meteoric rise to fame hasn’t always been an easy journey.

In Interview’s March issue, the “Teenage Dream” singer sat down with Bridesmaids actress Kristen Wiig in an exclusive interview to chat about her religious upbringing, fame, and new music.

Katy debuted her new single “Part of Me”–which many still speculate as a jab to ex-huband Russell Brand–at the 2012 Grammys. The track brandishes a very different side to the pop star and serves as the lead single for her re-release of Teenage Dream. Her new music, she reveals to Kristen, will take a very different path.

“My music is about to get real f***ing dark, so . . .”

Back in 2008, Katy hit the ground running with her smash hit “I Kissed a Girl” from her debut album One of the Boys. Having grown up in a religious household, her family was none too pleased. She confesses her respect for her family, saying:

“My whole thing is to agree to disagree and to have respect because nothing can really be changed and you wouldn’t want to ruin their happiness—even if that happiness is ignorance.”

Later on in the interview, Katy talks fame, how much it has affected her life, and what she thinks about people pursuing Hollywood for the wrong reasons. “A lot of them just want to be reality TV–type people who don’t do anything,” she divulges. 

In the issue, she dons a wonderful 1920s-inspired fashion. Do you prefer her like this, or with her blue hair? Sound off in the comments. Read more of her hilariously candid interview with Kristen.