Kendall & Kylie Jenner Wow At 'Project X' LA Premiere (PHOTOS)

Reality star Kendall Jenner showed up to the LA premiere of Project X showing off her legs that go for miles!

The 16-year-old starlet was in a tiny lavender dress that she paired with sky-high nude peep-toed heels and her younger sister Kylie Jenner, 14, by her side. Kylie was wearing a cream-colored dress paired with a black belt.

The sisters looked cuter than ever together smiling for the cameras. What do you think of Kendall's sleek style? Let us know in the comments!

The movie Project X, produced by Todd Phillips from The Hangover, follows anonymous high school seniors as they attempt to make a name for themselves and decide to throw a party no one will forget. 

Following the theme of the movie, the cast is made up of up-and-coming stars and personalities including Thomas Mann, Oliver Cooper, Jonathan Daniel Brown and DJ Jesse Marco.

"I got the opportunity to film in this movie called Project X, it's a hilarious comedy,” DJ Jesse Marco tells Celebuzz about the upcoming film. “I play a DJ (laughs). I spent a month and a half filming it in L.A."

Project X hits theaters this Friday, March 2. Will you be watching?



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  • Caroline Augusto
    Caroline Augusto

    she is so beautiful,

  • Caroline Augusto
    Caroline Augusto

    the make up finish on kendall was not good, u can see where it starts and ends. for ppl with that amt of money one shud think they will have professional do their make up

  • Caroline Augusto
    Caroline Augusto

    kylie is so pretty,love her cute look

  • Caroline Augusto
    Caroline Augusto

    sure right, the jenner girls are way more beautiful than the kardashians, and they can be alot more sucessful than their sibs without mother pimp

  • Amelia Cater
    Amelia Cater

    Why would you people sit here and actually pick apart a KID!?

  • samantha

    they are still just kids

  • juan camilo
    juan camilo

    tan linda

  • Princess

    Kylies is not as pretty as kendall.. Too bad!

  • Tiara Polynice
    Tiara Polynice

    the whole world knows they arent kardashians...but not because of looks. they are jenners.

  • Tiara Polynice
    Tiara Polynice

    some 14-17 year olds drink, get pregnant, and god knows what else. and R-rated movie is nothing. besides im sure a lot of high school kids are seeing this movie anyway.

  • Kimberly

    Sorry I ment 14 and 16

  • Kimberly

    Why are Kendall and Kylie goinging to a movie rated R when they are barely 16 and 18

  • Nicole

    I dont think they're anything too exciting to look at, they're nice looking girls, but the older one seems to be a spoiled brat.

  • Olivia

    Kylie is getting thicker

  • KKLover

    Oh please shut up! Kylie looks like she has no neck she looks weird and don't be jealous the Kardashians are just as pretty as them or maybe prettier!

  • Linda

    They have to dress up like this (in short dresses) and go to this kinda movie premiers... So that managing mom can get her 10% hahaaa. But I like these two the most of the whole familly!

  • Lorie

    Kendall is a true beauty love her

  • Lorie

    Shut up jealous Kendall is obviously prettier

  • miss.rouso

    it is a really cute dress though..

  • Olga

    That's not a dress suited for a 14 yr old...

  • Youpeoplearesick

    "Showing off her legs that go for miles." She is 16 years old you sick pervert. Write about adults and leave the kids alone. Weirdo

  • fdxvgdxc

    14/16 year olds at an R rated movie premier??!?!??!?!?!

  • hihu

    You can tell they're not Kardashians because they're pretty.

  • arco

    why everything is about Kendall? I don't understand why they treat them so diferent, poor Kylie always overshadowed by her sister. They are so young and I'm shure that hurts.

  • Kristen Goosen
    Kristen Goosen

    Kendall is BEAUTIFUL!...

  • Danielle

    I don't think these girls are old enough to watch this movie. I thought this movie was Rated-R.

  • Jenny Justice Cox
    Jenny Justice Cox

    i think there dresses r to short they need to be teenagers cause there not grown and they dont need to be thrown into the spotlight like that,yes there both beautiful,but there still kids.................

  • April

    I love them but really wish that 14/16 year olds wouldn't dress like they're 25!

  • Anisa Alexandra Lahlali
    Anisa Alexandra Lahlali

    Ironic since it's rated R and aren't they underage?

  • Sarah

    I totally agree!! I personally think Kylie deserves more praise. Just because Kendall is older doesn't mean shes better in any way.

  • emily

    I hate that you're always throwing Kylie in the sidelines. Stop putting the spotlight on Kendall all the time. They're equally beautiful