Kesha Goes For Extreme & Studded Hairstyle Before Birthday (PHOTO)


Talk about star studded! The outrageous pop star Ke$ha posted a pic of a seriously peculiar hairstyle. Adding studs to the side of her shaved head, the "Tick Tock" singer tweeted simply: "Is happening."

Ke$ha turns 25 today and it looks like she's making a big effort to stay extreme amid an industry of blue hair (Katy Perry) and coif wigs (Nicki Minaj).  We're not loving the look, but it is very "Ke$ha." 

What do you think of the studded 'do? Sound off in the comments. 

The "Blow" singer's hair is just the tip of the iceburg when it comes to strange occurrences. Back in December 2011, Ke$ha devoted an entire Tumblr to "beard biting."



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  • Ruby

    Ugh, she's really unfortunate looking.

  • danielleakame

    nothing say cool like metal glued to your head...

  • : )
    : )

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