Matt Lauer’s Top 5 Celebrity TV Interviews! (VIDEO)

Lindsay Through the Years
A look at Lindsay Lohan through the years.
Matt Lauer is never one to shy away from the hard hitting question on the Today Show, so in his two exclusive interviews today with Zac Efron and Condom-gate, or with Lindsay Lohan we can’t help but give him props for his blunt questions.

It’s clear Matt is out to get answers, not make friends, when it comes to his celebrity guests so lets look at our top 5 favorite interview moments:

Tom Cruise:

It was the “Glib” dig heard round the world. During a time Tom wasn’t king of the box office he went on the offensive against psychiatry… and Lauer. We think Matt more than held his own!


Dina Lohan:

Matt pressed Dina on whether or not she is a party mom, a stage mom, and how many times Lindsay has really been in rehab. 

Kanye West:

Matt asked Kanye about his infamous line “George Bush doesn’t care about black people.” Needless to say, Kanye wasn’t pleased with how it went down. 

Jennifer Lopez:

After pressing about info regarding Jennifer and Marc Anthony’s divorce, it seems Jen thought Matt went too far.

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Lindsay Lohan:

Comparing Lindsay to Whitney Houston…in front of Lindsay? Have to applaud him for his relevant, and hard hitting questions.

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