Taylor Swift Gets 'Punk'd' By Justin Bieber (VIDEO)

The practical-joke reality TV show Punk'd is about to make a splash...in a big way.

To kick off the franchise reboot, MTV has released a trailer for its first episode set to air on March 29. In the clip, pop-sensation and birthday boy Justin Bieber unleashes mayhem on country crooner Taylor Swift in a hilariously cruel joke--which leads the "Love Story" singer to wreak havoc on a boat wedding.

"This is completely not OK," a distraught Taylor blurts out.The revamped series was originally hosted by Two and a Half Men actor Ashton Kutcher. This time around, a different celebrity will host each week with Ashton continuing on as a producer. Check out the sea blunder in the embeded video above.

Are you excited for the show's return? Sound off in the comments.

The show will air on Thursdays at 10 P.M. on MTV. Miley Cyrus, Kellan Lutz, Hayden Panettiere, Bam Margera, and Dax Shepard are also slated to host this season. Other expected prankees include Khloe Kardashian Odom, Teen Wolf star Tyler Posey, and Demi Lovato.

In other Bieber news... In celebration of Justin's 18th b-day today (Mar. 1), Madame Tussauds Hollywood has unveiled a brand new Bieber wax figure. 

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  • Delip

    I think the video was hot. I see alot of haters on here obilousvy, but she's not a 12 year old anymore and that's what every ones use to. She's going places with her life and career and this is her next move it seems more people are mad to see people go place's then do nothing with their lives. If it was you or your daughter you wouldn't be hating or talking all that trash about it. I respect what she's doing knowing alot of people are gonna talk but she's not gonna stop living her life the way she wants to satisfy everyone else. When you live your life according to the way people want you to they find something to talk about, when you do what ever you want they still find something to talk about, might as well live it the way you want!

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