Zac Efron Adopts 'Pocket-Checking Policy' After Condom Dropping Incident (VIDEO)

It was the condom drop heard 'round the world, and now Zac Efron is talking a little bit about the mishap.

While walking the red carpet at the LA premiere of The Lorax recently, there was video captured of the dreamy star dropping what appeared to be a condom as he was taking something out of his pocket, and now Zac has confirmed that is indeed what happened.

TODAY's Matt Lauer asked the 24-year-old actor about it in an interview, so what did Zac have to say for himself?

The actor answered:
"I never really had a pocket-checking policy prior to going on the red carpet before, but now we fully instated one."
Check out the video above for the rest!

'Lorax' Trailer
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  • Molls

    Condom gate was a publicity stunt. I know the Zac tweenies who worship him will never believe this. But he wants people to think he's boinking lots of chicks. Kind of sad he's stooped this low. He used to have class.

  • Montemalone

    Who was to be the beneficiary or that prophylactic?

  • lauren

    people like you should ignore people like him. just saying.

  • emily

    You've got your own production company lol

  • Miranda Mellos
    Miranda Mellos

    People like you shouldn't live on this planet.

  • Amanda Wireman
    Amanda Wireman

    um? Well at least he had protection. That's responsible right? if it was for publicity why do it at a children's movie?

  • candy

    He dropped that condom to get publicity, and it's working. Ppl are still talking about it.