Cute Kid Alert! Kourtney Kardashian & Scott Disick Take Mason to Lunch (PHOTOS)

Like father, like son!

Kourtney Kardashian was seen with her beau Scott Disick and their 2-year-old son Mason as they took their little cutie to lunch at Stanley's in Studio City on Friday afternoon, and it looks like Scott and Mason were sporting matching 'dos! Both of their hairstyles are a little on the longer side these days, andwe think it's adorable! (How dreamy is Scott looking?!)

Hiding her baby bump, the 32-year-old reality star was looking cute in Pinkyotto’s “Zoe” blouse. Definitely a similar color scheme to her ensemble from Thursday night!

Celebuzz caught up with KK at the “Escape to Total Rewards Concert” event in Los Angeles on Thursday, where she was wearing this frilly frock.

She talked to us about Scott getting her a push present for their second child (a girl!) and said:
"He spoils me all the time anyways. Scott did get me one for Mason!”
Check out the rest of the cute photos in the gallery!


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  • Caroline Augusto
    Caroline Augusto

    baby mason is so cute , looks jus like his dada

  • luvukardashins

    You girls are all beautiful and so is your mother. I love seeing pictures of you all. Keep up the good work. I applaude you for all your ingenuity.

  • carmensherri

    i love you so much Masonnn <3

  • Amy Fincher
    Amy Fincher

    lol Duh, Scott always looks hot... but I am so in love with Mason's outfit... my son definitely needs that entire outfit!

  • jenelle

    you never stop making out

  • jenelle

    lol Kourtney Kardashian are you Pregnant again fuck hell is kim Pregnant yes or no

  • Blake Renfro
    Blake Renfro

    scott looks hot

  • Arbnora Alija
    Arbnora Alija

    mase is soo cute *_*

  • S0_fly

    awww mason looks adorable!

  • tamika21

    dont be jealous becouse your baby is NOT cute like Mason <3

  • tamika21

    dont hate just LOVE =) <3

  • tamika21

    people are soooo jealous becouse Mason is soooo cute <3<3<3 cute- sweet baby Mason <3 and Kourtney and Scott look great -cute <3 =)

  • Mov

    ok, its official......its either u two have no sense of beauty or u both r just bein plain jealous or mean.......mason is absolutely cute nd im sure his sister is goin 2 be too

  • Belen Jimenez
    Belen Jimenez

    and u think she's going to read this?? come on!! she won't be the first one in say that.. honestly.. he's an ugly boy

  • Katie

    That is the most horrible thing you can say to someones child. What if someone said that to your child?! I cannot believe you think that you can say that just because she is a celebrity. She has feelings too.

  • meany me
    meany me

    Mason is kind of fugly.